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Why should I choose RCC?

 Why should I choose Rasayu Cancer Clinic's Therapy?


  1. I voluntarily opted for this treatment as the first choice.

   Rasayu Cancer Clinic's success stories from recovered patients were impressive and I was inspired to make Rasayu Cancer Clinic as my first choice of treatment.


  2. I was disenchanted with the past treatments.

   Past conventional treatment had promised me complete recovery, however, treatment came with toxic effects, chemoresistance, recurrence

    and deterioration that I wished to avoid.


  3. I was looking for personalized treatment plan.

   Rasayu Cancer Clinic provides exclusive personalized attention and treatment that is specific to my cancer treatment protocol which strengthened my faith in Rasayu.


  4. I was looking forward to convenient home based oral therapy.

   Intravenous treatment is painful and inconvenient due to frequent hospitalisation while Rasayu offered treatment to be administered at home.


  5. I was particularly afraid of acquiring hospital borne infections/ complications, hence was reluctant to be hospitalised.

   I desired avoiding hospital borne infections which I am exposed to, during frequent hospitalisation, and staying home during the treatment was a blessing.


  6. I was weighing between the risks and benefits of the treatment, and I found Rasayu’s treatment in my favour.

   There are many cases where toxic effects were severe and often times irreversible.


  7. I wanted to improve my Quality Of Life benchmarks based on global standards and regularly monitored.

   I have seen patients with an improved quality of life even in the advanced stages that encouraged me to choose Rasayu which I found to meet FACT G benchmark.


  8. I would be involved in decision making for choice of treatment

   Rasayu Cancer Clinic's doctors have informed me in detail about the disease, the treatment options, the outcome and ADR (Adverse Drug Reaction)

    and their risk and benefits to help me with taking the right decision.


  9. I found they were actively involved in monitoring the safety and efficacy of Rasayana Therapy and adapt to changes.

   I have earlier suffered from major drug adverse effects and so I was searching for alternative treatment with a flexible approach at global modern standards.


  10. There was transparency in the process, conducting regular investigations by biochemical parameters/ hi tech imaging techniques like PET scan etc.

   I am impressed with Rasayu Cancer Clinic's scientific and evidence based therapy approach which brought in transparency about the treatment and its outcome.


  11. I found Rasayu Cancer Clinic professionals sensitive to my family and my concerns.

   Rasayu Cancer Clinic's treatment improves Quality of life that is based on global standards so caregivers or assistants are seldom required.


  12. I could have other treatments including Chemotherapy / Radiotherapy along with Rasayan Therapy.

   I was searching for a parallel treatment which can improve my quality of life while continuing with conventional treatment.