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Survivor care

Rasayu Survivor Care Plan

Follow-up Care

Follow-up care and Rehabilitation are important aspects after treatment of Cancer. Rasayu Cancer Clinic  has a specialised plan to help Cancer survivors to lead a healthy life.

Follow-up care - After the cancer treatment is over it is generally seen that patients develop anxiety or fear about recurrences. Unfortunately there is no proven therapy in conventional science which can help reduce the risk of cancer recurrences. Maintaining a healthy life style, proper diet and exercise remains the only solution with such survivors. Of course these lifestyle approaches help reduce the risk of cancer recurrences but many a times in spite of maintaining a healthy lifestyle cancer reoccurs.

Rasayu survivor care plan is a comprehensive program which includes Herbomineral medicines to modulate immunity and reduce risk of cancer recurrences, along with healthy lifestyle advice, diet, pranayama and yoga therapies. This comprehensive approach goes a long way in reducing risk of cancer recurrences.

We also advise regular screening which ensures detection of recurrences of cancer (If any) at an early stage so that it increases chance of complete cure.


Aim of rehabilitation is to help patients regain strength, physical functioning and independence that they may have lost due to cancer or its treatment.

The Rasayu survivor care plan helps such patients to a great extent. Our Special Rasayana Therapy acts fast to eliminate the toxic effects of chemotherapy/ Radiotherapy if any. This therapy also helps patients to regain and improve their abilities and helps a person remain as independent and productive as possible.

Our Surviour care plan has a excellent effect in improving quality of life in survivors. Our documentation in huge number of cases have clearly demonstrated that this program helps in improving quality of life not only at physical or emotional levels but also on functional and social  levels.