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Who should be treated with Rasayana Therapy

We have more than 15 years of experience in treating cancer using Rasayana therapy. We have observed that Rasayana has broad spectrum of action in treating cancer patients and it is infact useful for cancer patients in almost all the stages.

Following are the group of patients who we feel can be certainly benefited by use of Rasayana Therapy.

Newly Diagnosed Cancer patients in primary stage – Our documentation suggest that newly diagnosed Cancer patients can be benefited greatly by use of Rasayana therapy. In primary stages of cancer the possibility of complete success in treatment is very high. In this stage the cancer has not spread to any other tissues and hence it can be removed surgically. The next main task remains is to ensure that it does not  returns back and Rasayana Therapy shows excellent results in achieving this objective. For patients in primary stage we advise our patients to get their tumors surgically removed and to continue Rasayana Therapy. Rasayana not only helps such patients to have a good quality of life but it also helps to prevent relapse or progression of cancer. Rasayana can also be taken post surgery along with Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy.

Patients with relapse or recurrent malignancy – Relapse or recurrence of cancer is a nightmare for cancer patients. Moreover there are hardly any remedies in conventional medicine which can reduce the risk of cancer relapse. Rasayana Therapy modulates the immunity and helps to strengthen all the body tissues. It thus considerably reduces the risk of cancer relapse or progression of disease.

Cancer patients in advanced stage – Advanced stage cancer patients generally suffer with severe physical and mental symptoms which severely affect their quality of life. Chemotherapy in advanced stage cancer patients has a limited role to play .Adverse reactions to medications and requirement of frequent hospitalisation makes their life really miserable.Thus the main therapeutic objectives in advanced stage cancer patients remains to prolong the survival with excellent quality of life. Rasayana Therapy is very effective in reducing various physical and mental symptoms in such patients. It not only increases the survival of patients but it helps them to live each day of their life to its fullest. It provides excellent quality of life in such patients and significantly reduces the requirement of in-patient hospitalisation. Such patients can thus spend more quality time with their loved ones. We also have observed complete tumor response and more than five years survival in several advanced stage cancer patients.

Patients taking Chemotherapy /Radiotherapy - Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy can cause severe toxic reactions. Cancer patients suffer from various physical and mental symptoms and the adverse reactions of Chemotherapy/Radiotherapy add to the sufferings of such patients. Rasayana Therapy is of great help for such patients. It increases the immunity of the person and strengthen his tissues thus he can undergo the sessions of Chemotherapy/Radiotherapy without much discomfort. It also helps normal cells of the body to return back to overcome the assault of modern anti-cancer therapies. Rasayana Therapy is extremely beneficial in preventing side effects of anticancer therapies such as Oral Mucositis, Nausea, Fatigue etc. In spite of this Rasayana Therapy does not cause any interaction with effect of Chemotherapy. This has been proved by a series of experimental studies which demonstrated that Rasayana Therapy does not significantly affect the drug metabolizing enzyme system.

Post-surgical resection – Surgical resection means removal of tumor. Many a time’s surgical resection is of great help in improving therapeutic outcomes in cancer patients. When the role of surgeon is over the main challenge is to prevent the progression of the disease and to prevent its relapse. Rasayana Therapy is extremely effective in achieving this objective. Besides this Rasayana also helps the patient to recover after surgery and overcome the physical and mental symptoms experienced by the patient.

Individuals with high risk of developing cancer – Some people are at high risk of developing cancer due to genetic reasons, certain health related conditions or due to professional hazards. Rasayana Therapy plays a very important role in reducing the risk of cancer in such patients. Rasayana acts as a immunomodulator which also strengthens and protects all the body tissues. This helps in reducing the overall risk of cancer in such individuals. People in professions where they are exposed to carcinogenic chemicals , pesticides, ionizing radiations and even asbestos are at a high risk of developing cancer and hence they can certainly reduce their risk by taking Rasayana. Recent studies have also showed that working in shifts also increases cancer risk and hence such individuals working in shifts should also take Rasayana to reduce this risk.


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