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  • Are you eating excessively fried chips….be careful….can suffer from cancer.

    Crispy salty chips are a favourite food for all. There are many who eat chips whenever they are hungry and multiple times during the day, but henceforth, need to think twice before eating chips. In a research conducted in April 2002, it was found that acrylamide is present in chips made from potato and those that are fried for a long time. Acrylamide has the potential of disintegrating the DNA and causing cancer. The International Agency for Research on Cancer has considered acrylamide under the carcinogen 2a group, which can cause cancer. It is so dangerous that a case had been filed in America against a reputed company, which manufactured chips, to reduce the dangerous level of acrylamide. Hence, the point is that you should eat chips that are home-made and less fried or those with no acrylamide or with less quantity of acrylamide. Though these things seem trivial, but they are of utmost importance from the point of view of health. We must bring about a positive change in our lifestyle because chips can be responsible for disorders right from obesity to cancer.

  • world-renowned scientists suggest.... Though you may like to drink tea, drink it with caution.

    It is raining outside and sipping hot tea sitting in the terrace – surely a very pleasant feeling! But rather than drinking piping hot tea, drinking it a bit cold is always beneficial.

    Here ‘tea’ is to be considered as purely metaphorical.

    While drinking tea if we ever observe, we will see that every person has his own style of drinking tea. Some cannot wait for the tea to be strained also, they drink it then and there; some have it after 2-3 minutes; and some don’t even understand when the tea in front of them got cold.

    Now some of the world-renowned scientists have researched that if tea or any other drink is drunk piping hot (a temperature of more than 65 approximately) then it can lead to cancer of the oesophagus (food pipe). Therefore, jokes apart, the tea should not be piping hot.         

  • Add salt to taste only.

    Salt is an essential ingredient in our daily diet. What is food without salt, nothing? Because even if a bit of salt is found to be less in the food, it makes the food tasteless. Some people like to eat dishes with extra salt, some sprinkle salt over the food and eat it. Some eat salted fish, salted snacks, chips, pickles, preserved eatables that use sodium, which makes it very salty. Salt obviously brings taste, but it needs to be taken in proper quantities because overdoing anything always harms; this has been proved by the researchers now. In a research published in the World Journal of Enterology, it has been said that having additional salt or eating salty food can lead to stomach cancer. And the same has been mentioned in the Ayurveda around 4000 years back that overdose of any taste or flavour should be avoided. Therefore, it would be appropriate to have much necessary salt and eat salty food to the minimum. All said and done, salt, too, should be eaten just to add taste.

  • Journal of National Cancer Institute explains about Women should take care when working in shifts

    As per the law of nature, sleeping at night is maintaining equilibrium. The body maintains harmony with the external nature. As per the 24 hours of the external nature, all the activities of our body follow the body clock; that is known as the biological clock or circadian rhythm. The proportion of the melatonin hormone in our body – feeling sleepy when it gets dark and waking up when it gets bright – is dependent on the darkness and light of the external nature. A research published by the Journal of National Cancer Institute points out that less amount of melatonin is excreted in light and that affects the hormones in a female’s body, which can lead to creating a breast cancer lump. Hence, women working in the night shift for a call centre, women working in the aviation industry, women working in the emergency services provided across the entire night, nurses etc. should avoid working in the night or should ensure that there will not be more light around.

  • Multiple CT Scans can increase the danger of cancer.

    CT Scan is used for various medical diagnoses, but now it is necessary to be cautious. It has been proved through researches that the DNA is damaged due to repeated and additional CT Scans and this damage leads to mutation and that, in turn, leads to malignant lumps. While getting a CT Scan, more than 100 X-rays are done and the intensity of these rays is even more than the normal ones. That is why the American College of Radiology has specified that if the CT Scan may not be able to give the desired result then it should be avoided. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) also has included CT Scan (X-ray) under the classification of potential carcinogen. Therefore, get CT Scan done only if much needed.

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  • Use mobile only when you have to speak for a short time and only when you have to send a message.

    The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has included the area covered by the mobile phone or affected by the electromagnetic radiofrequency under 2B category (one of the four that are responsible for cancer), saying that it can lead to cancer. Many researches are being conducted in this regard. There are some inferences that if the mobile is used excessively then there is a chance of suffering from brain cancer, but there is no evidence that can prove that you will 100% suffer from cancer. Nevertheless, you should use the mobile phone only for a short time and only when you have to send a message. However, there is an option – there are hands-free gadgets available in the market. If we adopt these small things then the danger of cancer can surely be contained though on a minor scale.

  • Jama oncology says..... Having early dinner can minimize the risk of cancer.

    It has been found in the research published in the renowned journal, JAMA Oncology that if there is a gap of 13 hours between dinner and morning breakfast then there is 36% less possibility of breast cancer repeating itself in women who have suffered from breast cancer. Some of the researches done in the past confirm this that fasting increases the body’s immunity and prevents the process of inflammation; and repeated inflammation is one of the causes of cancer. Hence, you should mostly have an early dinner that can reduce the risk of cancer or other diseases. Actually, as per the Indian tradition, in some places, there is a practice to have dinner before sunset, but some times we tend to ignore these things. However, after such researches, we find it getting importance outside India.

  • Avoid eating excess roasted meat.

    We have vegetarian, non-vegetarian and mixed types of food practices. Some of those who are non-vegetarian are in the habit of eating meat that is roasted at a high temperature, which is done by roasting it on the fire with the help of an iron rod. Generally, if the meat is roasted at 300° or for longer time on fire then Heterocyclic Amines (HCAs) and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) are produced that can cause cancer. This conclusion has been derived after research on animals, which has been published in the renowned PubMed journal. Therefore, if anyone wants to eat non-vegetarian food then it should be boiled, and that too, it is better if it is a local product. From the point of view of health, if possible then it is better to eat only vegetarian food. 

  • Avoid passive smoking also.

    Everyone knows that cigarette causes cancer. The people around or in the same vicinity in which a person is smoking, also face the risks of that smoke. This is called as Second Hand Smoking (SHS) or Environment Tobacco Smoke (ETS). There are about 7,000 chemicals in a cigarette; out of which, 250 are fatal to the body while 69 chemicals from among these 250 can cause cancer. Due to cigarettes, there is a possibility of causing around 13 types of cancers; among them, lung cancer is found to be caused more frequently. International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) also has included Second Hand Smoking (SHS) in the cancer-causing list. As per the World Health Organization, approximately six lakh people in the world die due to Second Hand Smoking. Therefore, avoid passive smoking also.

  • Dhamasa’s Ayurvedic tea useful to prevent breast cancer

    Dhamasa is an ayurvedic (plant) hazel. Its scientific name is Fagonia cretica. Along with the medicinal use, tea (kadhaa) is also prepared from Dhamasa. Its leaves and flowers are used for the preparation of tea. The percentage of breast cancer has increased among the women in the urban areas. Taking 20 grams Dhamasa and drinking its tea 3-4 times every day is useful to kill the cells of breast cancer or to avoid them spreading to other areas. Just within 24 to 48 hours after taking this tea, the cells of breast cancer begin to die. No harm is caused to the good cells due to this, but the cells of breast cancer die. The researchers from Aston University have proved how Dhamasa is useful in preventing cancer.

  • The possibility of suffering from cancer is reduced if fibrous food is included in the diet.

    Nowadays, as a part of the changing lifestyle, refined things are frequently used; various recipes are prepared from the bran that is removed from the grains. It has been observed from one research that if there is use of more proportion of whole grains, vegetable/curry made of different cereals, pulses in the diet then the risk of cancer of stomach, intestine, breast and prostate is reduced. Therefore, it is beneficial to use whole grains along with its husk in the diet.

  • The smoke emitted from the diesel engine can increase the risk of cancer

    Actually, everyday we come in contact with the smoke emitted from a diesel engine. As we are not aware of its risks from the point of view of health, we do not take care to remain away from this smoke. Some harmful gases and poisonous particles are present in this smoke; if they are continuously inhaled into the lungs through the nose for a long time then there is a risk of lung cancer. International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), who is working under the supervision of the World Health Organization, has also mentioned that cancer can be caused due to the smoke emitted from a diesel engine. Therefore, it is essential to take care against the smoke emitted from a vehicle.

  • When buying, do give attention to the label.

    Sometimes we purchase things or tools to be used daily without looking at its label. Sometimes the company tries to sell by making an attractive label so that it is liked by the customer. We too purchase it without looking at it. But now onwards, don’t purchase things that have formaldehyde in it. Formaldehyde is present in the chemicals that are used for cleaning furniture, in some materials used for construction e.g., plywood; similarly, in cosmetics, for example, nail polish, hair styling products etc. There is more possibility of causing blood cancer due to these. Therefore, it is better to be away from the things containing formaldehyde.

  • Better get all the information before taking Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).

    The period in a woman’s life after the age of 45-50 years is of menopause. During this, the menses arriving every month gradually reduces and it finally stops. During this period, the proportion of estrogen and progesterone hormones in the body goes on reducing, and due to its deficiency, some symptoms are observed and its severity can be more or less. Estrogen and progesterone hormone therapy is given as a part of the treatment. It is necessary to take utmost care while giving this therapy or else it is much better if it is avoided because research has proved that breast cancer can be caused in women due to hormone replacement therapy. Therefore, it is good to avoid this therapy.  

  • Can organic foods reduce the risk of cancer?

    Nowadays, due to large scale awareness about health, the trend of purchasing organic food is increasing, even though it is expensive. The reason for it is as justified too. And it is the use of various pesticides, chemical fertilizers, material that use hormonally and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) in traditional agricultural methods, and the harmful effects caused due to these on our health. It has been observed from some researches that traces of pesticides on fruits and vegetables are above the hazardous level, due to which the risk of cancer can increase. In order to get more milk, hormones are injected or genetic modifications are done to create new varieties; this can increase the risk of cancer.

    Pesticides, chemical fertilizers, material that use hormonally and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) are not used in the organic foods; and hence, it can definitely reduce the risk of cancer.


  • Garlic in daily diet reduces the risk of cancer.

    The Indian dietary practice is nutritious in a comprehensive way. It is seen that a very thoughtful study is being done regarding which things have to be used during preparation of food. It has been proved from a research conducted by the American Society for Clinical Nutrition that the risk of stomach and intestine cancer is reduced if excess quantity of garlic is used in the daily diet. The World Health Organization also has pointed out that out of the total cancer patients found across the world, one-third of them could have been averted. Garlic helps in the process of natural death of the cells; therefore, uncontrolled growth of the cells does not occur in the body. While using it in the diet, garlic should be used raw or fresh for seasoning. If it is eaten on empty stomach then it can be little problematic for some people, therefore it’s better to use it in the food.

  • Exercising reduces the risk of nearly thirteen types of cancers.

    We always do activities such as walking, cycling, running, swimming, going to gym etc. to remain healthy. It has now been proved through research that exercises done for reducing weight, avoiding heart disease, diabetes and for balancing the overall health can reduce the risk of cancer. After conducting a research on fourteen lakh people, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) has proved in the renowned JAMA Internal Medicine journal that due to exercise along with normal health, risk of nearly thirteen types of cancer is reduced. The persons who do regular exercise or physical exertion have nearly 20% less risk of suffering from 13 types of cancers such as cancer of oesophagus, stomach, intestine, lung, kidney, breast etc.

  • Maintain the waist to less than 37 inches

    Maintaining less weight is always necessary to reduce the risk of suffering from cancer. Similarly, a new research has been carried out by the University of Oxford that if the waist of men is 37 inches or more than 94 cm then the risk of prostate cancer can increase. The researchers have also noticed that the percentage of death in the people suffering from prostate gland cancer, and those having more BMI and waist width, is more. Only men suffer from prostate gland cancer; hence, it is necessary that along with their weight, men should try to keep their waist width in proper proportion.


  • It is very essential that before having a child, the to-be parents should be healthy.

    It was said that two things i.e., incorrect diet of the mother during pregnancy and her excessive weight, can affect the foetus in a way that there is a possibility of causing breast cancer to the girl thus born. A similar new research has been conducted by Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Centre, Washington. As per their opinion, before conceiving if the father is obese then some changes do take place in his sperms, which in future, can create a possibility of causing breast cancer in his daughter. The conclusion is that it is very important that both - the mother and father should be healthy so as to avoid causing cancer or any other disease to their child.

  • Electronic cigarette too is harmful to health

    The percentage of usage of electronic cigarette as an option to the usual cigarette is on the rise. But it is necessary to take care while using it because a new research has come forward from the Environmental Science & Technology that electronic cigarette too can lead to cancer. Thirty-one chemicals were found in the smoke exhaled from the electronic cigarette. Some of these chemicals can increase the risk of cancer. The thinking of some people that electronic cigarette is less harmful to health than the usual cigarette has been cancelled out by this research. Therefore, if you want to maintain your health then using no cigarette itself is appropriate

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