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Potential of Rasayana Therapy

Till date we have treated thousands of cancer patients using the Rasayana Therapy. Treating each patient was a great experience for us as it constantly made us realize the potentials of Rasayana Therapy. Each patient treated at Rasayu Cancer Clinic is subjected to advanced diagnostics like PET scan, Biopsy and Tumor Markers at regular intervals. This helps us to monitor the patients progress and thus plan the treatment accordingly. We follow guidelines of  National Cancer Institute (N.C.I.) USA in documentation of patients database. Our clinical database suggests that Rasayana Therapy has unmatched efficacy and is very safe in treating cancer patients.

Rasayana and its tolerability to Anticancer therapies - If taken along with Chemotherapy/Radiotherapy it was observed that Rasayana significantly helped patients to tolerate these therapies and it also considerably reduced the side effects of Chemotherapy/Radiotherapy. We have conducted a series of scientific experiments which clearly demonstrated that Rasayana drugs do not modulate hepatic microsomal enzymes. So it does not interfere in any way with efficacy of Chemotherapy/Radiotherapy. We have innumerable cases who have taken Chemotherapy along with Rasayana and have shown very favourable tumor response. More importantly, these patients tolerated Chemotherapy/Radiotherapy very well and were able to comfortably complete the entire prescribed course of Chemotherapy/Radiotherapy cycles without requiring to modify the dose and /or duration. Rasayana also helps achieve the required therapeutic response in less cycles of Radiotherapy/Chemotherapy thereby reducing the requirement of these cytotoxic interventions. Rasayana Therapy also helped these patients to improve their quality of life and control progression of disease and increased overall survival significantly.

Rasayana and Patient Survival – As mentioned earlier Rasayan Therapy is meant to increase patients life span. The effect of Rasayana can very well be observed even in end stage cancer patients. Around 40% cancer patients approach us in very advanced stage of disease when the expected survival in that stage is just few months. Rasayana Therapy effectively improves overall quality of life in these patients and increases their lifespan by many folds. Many of our patients with predicted lifespan of just few months are surviving for more than 3-5 years just because of Rasayana Therapy.

Rasayana and Disease Progression – Since Rasayana Therapy strengthens healthy tissues and normal cells it significantly reduces chances of disease spread and progression. Rasayana Therapy helps a lot in reducing chances of relapse or metastasis especially in those patients who have underwent surgical resection of tumors .Number of our patients who took Rasayana Therapy instead of adjuvant Chemotherapy have showed more than 5 years of disease free survival. Rasayana is also very effective in patients who have a history of frequent relapses or metastasis.

Rasayana and Tumor Response – Rasayana also helps in reducing tumor burden. It has shown complete tumor response in several patients who took Rasayana as a standalone approach. Rasayana also shows a very good tumor response even in combination with Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy.

Rasayana and Quality of Life – One of the most important therapeutic benefits in cancer patients is improvement in health, related to quality of life .We have documented changes in quality of life of several cancer patients using validated quality of life questionnaire. It has been clearly demonstrated that Rasayana significantly increases functional, emotional and physical domains of quality of life. This outcome is considered very useful in advanced stage cancer patients in whom curative goal is not feasible. For such patients Rasayana helps to lead a near normal quality of life without any side effects or toxicity. Moreover Rasayana can be taken at home which reduces requirement of hospitalisation.


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