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Q. Is there a medicine for Cancer in Ayurveda?

There is no disease named as cancer in Ayurveda. Many scholars correlate it to diseases mentioned in Ayurveda like Arbud ,Granthi etc. We personally feel that none of this single entity encompasses the cancer of today. So care is needed  in naming this disease. Ayurveda has clearly mentioned that every disease need not be named to treat it successfully, rather Ayurveda gives more importance to understanding the pathogenesis involved in the disease and start treatment to antagonize the pathology. This is what we are following since many years in planning treatment for cancer patients and the results are very encouraging . According to Ayurveda principles if we check, Dosh, Dhatu, Mal, Updhatu, Oaj and try to understand what  change they have undergone we can plan a very successful treatment for all types of cancer patients. In short to answer your question, YES there is medicine for cancer in Ayurveda. The way Ayurveda treats cancer patients is very much different than the way conventional science treats patients. Unlike conventional science Ayurveda does not have a same treatment for all the patients suffering from similar cancer. Rather it checks many factors involved in the pathology of disease in a particular patients and then plans the treatment. In Ayurveda we  take into consideration the patient’s diagnosis, the reason behind the disease, which dosh and dhatu have undergone a change in his body, his physical constitution, and many more things before we decide the treatment for the disease.  This is the reason why this chikitsa is called as Personalised Medicine.

Q. While taking Ayurvedic medicines for Cancer, can a patient take other medicines also?

A. After the treatment of modern science like Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy, a patient can take the Ayurvedic medicines very easily and safely.  There is no similarity in the actions of modern medicines and Ayurvedic medicines, so there is no adverse effect.  It is also been clinically and experimentally proven that if Ayurvedic medicines are taken along with modern medicines then much better results are seen.  A patient without harm can consume both modern and Ayurvedic medicines which can be very beneficial to him .

Q. Can Cancer be cured fully?

A. It depends on the stage and type of the disease.  There are so many types of cancer which can be cured 100%.   For eg. We all know that Yuvraj Singh was suffering from cancer which was of seminoma type.  This cancer can be cured fully.  We cannot say that some cancers like Brain Cancer or Ovarian Cancer which are in advanced stage can be cured fully. Incase if a patient turns to Ayurvedic treatment in early stage, after chemotherapy or radiotherapy, then chances of cure is very high.  Another challenge in cancer treatment is relapse or metastatis which leads to death of more than 90% of cancer patients. Ayurveda medicines keeps the patient healthy after the treatment of primary stage and also prevent him from getting secondary’s.  In short, after the primary treatment, if a patient undergoes Ayurvedic treatment then many a times cancer doesn’t occur again.  This is our experience till now.  Many such patients are still alive and their documented evidence is available with us as well.

Q. Is there any strict dietary restriction while taking Ayurvedic treatment?

A. There is a misunderstanding in many people that there is a dietary regimen.  In fact it is something else, many a times a diabetic patient is advised not to have sugar, or some patients suffering for BP are asked to consume less salt.  This also is a dietary regimen, then why this question arises in Ayurveda about the dietary regimen.  The important reason behind this regimen is if sugar is consumed then diabetes will increase and there will be a bad effect of this on heart, liver, hence these dietary restrictions are told in modern science.

Ayurveda has gone ahead and thought of it in more detail.  In Ayurveda, which disease is destroyed by what diet is been explained and like wise which diet is to be followed for keeping diseases at bay is also explained.  You can choose to take or not to take Ayurvedic medicines, but a wrong diet should be avoided in any case. Even in conventional medical science cancer etiology or pathology is checked and restriction is advised, like Liver Cancer patient should not consume alcohol, Lung Cancer patient should not continue to eat tobacco etc.  In same way, in Ayurveda, the dietary cause behind the disease is explained in detail and here I would like to clarify that the diet is not for the medicines but for the disease.

Q. After the medication is started, in how many days a result in noticed in Cancer patients?

A. Within few days of starting the medicines all the symptoms start to decrease.  For e.g. In Liver Cancer patient’s symptoms like loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting are decrease anywhere between 2nd day to 2nd week.  Changes in ascites starts reflecting in 2 weeks.  It can be said that the result are entirely based on the type of cancer and the present physical condition of the patient. It certainly  is wrong to say that in Ayurveda, the results are seen after a long time. In this disease where the life is at stake, one cannot wait for long time and this is the specialty of our Rasayana chikitsa that after starting treatment it shows its effect immediately. In some types of Cancer like Esophageal Cancer where a patient can’t even take a single drop of water, we give such medicines which starts acting right from placing them on there tongue. Gradually the patient starts drinking water or tea, coffee and then even rice.  After few days the patient starts eating food. This period ranges anywhere from 3 to 4 months

The results are so fast acting that for example one starts Rasayana treatment while taking Chemotherapy the side effects of Chemotherapy effects do not occur significantly.  Our patients tell us that after starting the medication the side effects of Chemotherapy have lessened almost by 80%.  Some patients even tell us that they take Chemotherapy and can even have there normal life of going to office without taking leave. A lot of change is experienced by patients by taking the Rasayana.

Q. For how many days the medicines are to be taken?

A. After the experiences of thousands of patients, an indigenous system of medicine is developed which is named as Phase-I. This contains 3 cycles and each cycle is of 2 months.  Actually, there are no such definitions as cycle, phase in Ayurveda, but we say a circle of treatment is to be completed.  To understand this better, these terminologies are used by us . 1 cycle is of 2 months and such 3 cycles become 1 Phase.  So, the 1st phase is of 6 months.  After giving medicines for 6 months, we check how patient has been responded, all types of tests like Biochemical test, Tumour marker, Sonography, High resolution computer sonography, P.E.T scan (Position Emission Tomography), Chest X-ray and all the necessary scientific tests are done at the end of 6 months. Then we move to Phase-II.  Cancer is not a disease, in which we give medicines only once and then forget about it.  We have to keep a hold on it forever.  So Rasayanas are very important for this.  So it is important to keep a persistent check of Rasayana on the cellular level.  We have such cases where after 3 phases, if the Rasayanas are gradually reduced then Cancer does not comes back.  But unfortunately, I would like to say here that in some patients even after completing 3 phases i.e. 18 months of treatment patients come to us with a relapse. In such cases also it is important to see that these patients have lived excellent quality of life for the 18 months. On the other hand we also have patients who have been alive for more than 10 years.  So it is more necessary to take these medicines in a proper way to increase the life span in a healthy way. In short I can say that the decision about duration of treatment for each patient depends largely on the individual patient.

Q. Does Ayurvedic medicines have any adverse effects?

A. The medicines at Ayurveda are mostly prepared from Vanaspatis and Minerals.  Very few medicines are prepared from aquatic origin and animal origin which consists of Conches and Shells. Certain minerals are also used very frequently in Ayurveda.  The medicines which are prepared from these mixtures are then blended and purified which makes them absolutely safe. That’s why the more effective way the medicines are prepared, they will give better results.  I would like to tell over here that we do not purchase any medicines from outside.  We prepare all the medicines ourselves from bringing the basic raw material till the final product all is done in house. Hence we are very confident of these medicines as we are very vigilant of its quality control. We have treated thousands of patients with our medicines and none of our patients ever complained of any side effects and this has been proved by laboratory investigations as well.

Q. How will we know the benefits of the medicines in the disease?

A. Our patients definitely show positive changes in terms of symptom relief, quality of life and increased survival. Inspite of this we do follow all the modern protocol of assessing the prognosis of disease. All biochemical tests are done in every 2 & 2 & ½ months.  PET scan, MRI or CT scan are done after every 6 months.  If patients start showing some symptoms where the tests are necessary then we do them as and when required. All the treatment related outcomes are monitored and demonstrated using latest diagnostic and imaging techniques.

Many a time’s patients come to us with PET scan or CT scan. It is seen that after taking various treatments the tumor still exists.  At such times after taking Ayurvedic medicines it is seen that the tumor is fully cured and can be seen in the PET/CT/Sonography.  Relatively it takes more time in significantly treating the patient and curing the tumor completely. 

Q. By taking medicines will my life span increase or only I will feel better?

A. Here I would like to say that unfortunately cancer patients come to us at the last stage.  When there is no hope other than God, the patient turns to Ayurveda.  Deliberately, here I say that if the patient comes to us as early as possible, it will benefit him more.  This is the experience of many patients and based upon that we expect that the earlier the patient comes to us, we will be able to offer him more benefits.  If the patient is in advance stage, then it becomes our responsibility to increase his quality of life.  Today whatever research is happening in the world to cure cancer, the main lookout is to improve the quality of life of the cancer patient, even if the patient has cancer in his body, and he stays alive from 2 to 15 years.  This is the main focus. And Ayurveda chikitsa is becoming more powerful in this kind of treatment.  So Ayurveda keeps an eye on improving the quality of life of patient in advance stage and also sees to it that how a patient can be cured fully.

Q. Instead of undergoing Chemotherapy or Radiology, is it fine to take only Ayurvedic medicines?

A. Many a times a patient is advised to undergo surgery, where the patient is suffering from primary stage of solid tumors. Generally after surgery patient is advised to undergo Chemotherapy.  Many times the family or relatives of patients are not comfortable with Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy as they know the side effects of that.  The question that whether Ayurvedic treatment is sufficient over here, is important.  We have done such treatments.  After starting Ayurvedic treatment, it was seen that the primary stage did not progress to secondary.  The patients who had been told that they have median life or median survival or disease free survival only for 12-15 months have been alive for 5-10 years.  Many of them are also alive today.  Patients who have not taken Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy have also been benefited in the same way by Ayurvedic treatment.  There is an assured treatment in Ayurveda for preventing the cancer to go in secondary stage and to cure cancer fully.  Here I will tell you one important thing that in Ayurveda an excellent treatment called Rasayana chikitsa is advised to patients to keep cancer at bay.  This chikitsa is been given since ages and it is the tradition of Ayurveda.  Any disease can come back and so it our main aim to stop that.  The same thing applies for cancer also.  Here Rasayana treatment does not mean any chemical or Chemotherapy.  By this treatment the patient’s life span increases and the body does not get affected or is least affected.  Rasayana is prepared by taking into consideration the body, organs and mind of the patient.  It goes to that deep level.  Ayurveda Rasayana goes upto the soul and work effectively and minutely.  So after surgery without taking any other treatment, the patient is benefited by Ayurveda Rasayana chikitsa only which has also been proved.

Q. Can one take Ayurvedic medicines / Rasayana while undergoing Chemotherapy / Radiotherapy?

A. This answer is perfectly yes.  Till today thousands of patients have taken our medicines while undergoing Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy.  Many oncologists insist on taking Ayurvedic medicines while undergoing Chemotherapy Radiotherapy.  We feel proud to tell here that in England, oncologists advise there patients to go for Ayurvedic treatment while taking Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy.  The reason behind this is that they have observed the good response.  Patients have suffered minimum side effects or many of them have not suffered at all.  Many oncologists in UK and India i.e. to say from Tata Memorial Hospital have stated this after their inspection.  We feel happy to say that they advise the patients to take Ayurvedic treatment. Thousands of patients have seen to be benefited by this treatment.  A scientific judgment tells that Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy kills the affected cells, along with it also kills the normal cells.  As a result the disease resisting power becomes less.  By Ayurvedic treatment, the normal cells become more active.  The aim of our medicines is to allow the affected cells to die naturally.  The action of Chemotherapy is to kill all the cells.  By Ayurvedic treatment the normal cells stay alive and by Chemotherapy the affected cells are killed.  Also the side effects become less.  While undergoing Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy, ayurvedic treatment gives a lot of benefit. 

QIs Rasayana useful for curing the Cancer fully?

A. There is surely a benefit.  National Institute of Cancer (NCI-US) or NHS (UK) have stated after research that 95% patients dies because of secondary’s or the reoccurrence of cancer. Cancer is treated at first stage and there is a possibility of its reoccurrence, and this period in between is very dangerous.  There is no treatment for that period in other sciences.  At such time Ayurveda science helps.  That’s why healthcare is highlighted in Ayurveda.  For non-occurrence of cancer Ayurveda is best and helpful.  There are hundreds of cases in which cancer is cured fully with Ayurveda.

Q. In which stage of Cancer is it more benefit by Ayurveda?

A. It is more beneficial if the patient comes at the earliest.  Rasayana works in 2 ways.  It works on the cell levels and also on the organs of the body.  We cannot take any risk in cancer so we have developed this balanced treatment.  Our medicine works in two ways and maintains the balance. It prohibits cancer to occur again, along with it also cures the existing cancer.  If the cancer is in 1st stage, then we have seen that the cancer is cured fully.  If the cancer is in advanced stage or the case is at the end of life or whatever life span is given to a patient then, we increase the life span from 100% to 1000%.  We have such examples.  For eg. A patient who was given a life span of 3 months was alive for next 6-8 months.  One patient was suffering from Lung Cancer who was in ICU on ventilator and was given only 24 hours, he was alive for the next 9 months.  He even attended his office for 4 months.  We see that the life span is increased considerably.  Bhagwan Shree Krishna has said that those who are born are to die,but this life should be lived in a healthy way.  We should not lead a life where it is painful not only for the patient but also for his relatives.  Ayurvedic chikitsa has proved this.  This treatment has proved beneficial in any stage of cancer.

Q. Can we take any precautions so that other family members will not be affected by Cancer?

A. In some cases cancer is hereditary, but in many cases it is not.  The main cause of cancer is pollution and faulty lifestyle.  It is caused in such places where chemicals and pesticides are used in big way, in a work place where lot of smoke is inhaled.  It is also caused by addictions such as alcohol or tobacco.  There are some cases in which the patient does not having any bad habits, he is good natured, even then he suffers from cancer.  If care is taken of small things then not only cancer but no other disease will affect us.  But some patients say that it is not possible for them to follow these rules because their work profile does not allow them to do so.  It is not easy to control our taste buds also.  Ayurveda has treatment for such patients also.  For such patients it is advised to take Rasayana regularly.  If Rasayana which is efficient and effective is taken as per prescribed dose then no disease will affect our body.  The patient’s youth, his strength ability remains intact.  His physical and mental consciousness remains intact. He lives a healthy life.  Rasayana gives all these benefits and keeps cancer at bay and it remains that way.

Q . How to take Rasayana ?

A. Ayurveda recommends taking Rasayana as early as possible in the morning  The best time for taking Rasayana is between 4.30 to 6.30 am.  After brushing the teeth, the Rasayana is to be taken along with honey. Before and after taking Rasayana, nothing is to be eaten and drunk for half an hour.  It is important to give honey with Rasayana as honey spreads all over in the body.  It goes to all minute parts.  If Rasayana is taken with honey, then its quality increases.  Honey helps in making the Rasayana reach to all smallest cells in our body.  The particle size of the medicine in Rasayana is in nanometers. As a result, its nano aggregates are developed.  Honey helps in separating these aggregates and coats itself on each particle and reaches to all the cells.  Rasayana is very minute and so in one dose there are billion to trillion nano particles, which reach to the trillion cells of our body.  That’s why we prepare Rasayana according to scientific method without any shortcuts.  It takes around one and a half year to prepare Rasayana and its ingredients.

QHow does the Rasayana works?

A. Mainly, Rasayana works on the cells in three different ways.  Every cell has its life.  Every cell undergoes 3 phases i.e. origin, maintenance and lysis . Some cells after origin stay in the same phase and do not undergo lysis.  These cells are called as cancerous cells.  The work of Rasayana is to keep all the phases of cells in order.  That’s why Rasayana helps in the natural death of cells.  Rasayana does not kills any cells but it helps to control the life of cells.  Here a question may arise that Rasayana will help in killing the cells naturally but how will a tumor of 4-5cm be lessened? A nice example of this can be given that the secret of this is in the word Our Body itself.  What degenerates is body, so degeneration is the non stop process of body.  This is also applicable for cancer.  That’s why tumor also degenerates naturally.  That’s the reason the patient are benefited without any side effects which is a biggest quality of Rasayana.  The second important work of Rasayana is to increase the resistance power of body’s minerals.  Ayurveda explains the  importance  of disease in the body, and also explains how a disease affects the body.  When the doshas in the body increases they go to other places and reach unapproachable parts and create disease. 

It can’t be stated where cancer will originate in the body and where it will spread.  That’s why Rasayana sends its soldiers all over the body and takes care that the disease will not occur.  The most important work Rasayana does is that to creates strong dhatus in the body.  This is the most important work of Rasayana, along with not letting the cancer to come back in the body.  The work of Rasayana works on both the levels i.e. body and mind.  The way a body has  resistance power similarly the mind also has a resistance power against disease.  This is called as mental immunity building.  But today this concept is not much in use.  Today it is misunderstood that this power is available only in body.  But the mind also has such power.  If a person comes to know that he has cancer then he goes through a mental breakdown.  So this disease attacks the mind.  This attack is so severe that it attacks the body.  Ayurveda has told in a very good way, how body and mind are interrelated and how the disease affects both the body and mind at the same time.  For eg. If a small boy and an old person is affected by cancer, they are both ready to fight with it as they are mentally powerful, because the small boy does not know the seriousness of the disease and the old person thinks he has fulfilled all his wishes and he is fearless.  But the one who is not ready to fight is helped by Rasayana to fight against the disease and this is the third important work of Rasayana.  For example a patient of age 73-74 had come to us who had been told he had given a life span of 3-4 months.  He came to us and asked for Rasayana chikitsa.  Today he is still alive after 8-9 years and is working for 16 hours of day.  So Rasayana works on cell levels and DNA levels and also on system.  Thus it can be said that Rasayana is a medicine which works on both body and mind at the same time.

Q. Why to take other medicines ?

A. While giving Rasayana chikitsa, it is divided into 2 parts.  One is for treating disease i.e. it deals directly only with cancer.  This medicine is given only once in a day.  This medicine is to be taken once in the morning along with honey, on empty stomach.  Other medicines work on the system which can be called as metabolic changes.  Whatever imbalances are created in body are balanced and kept in check in the system and symptoms of disease are lessened by this group of medicines.  Both the medicines, i.e. Rasayana for cancer and the other medicines are complimentary to each other.   Patient cannot take only one medicine, as we have to work on the organic level along with cell level , otherwise cancer may again attack our body.  So if the disease is to be cured fully along with prevention, then Rasayana and the other medicines are to be taken together.

Q. Does Rasayana helps in preventing only Cancer?

A. Rasayana chikitsa is one among the eight principles of Ayurveda. In Rasayana chikitsa the medicine that destroys the ageing process and diseases is called Rasayana.  The destroying of ageing process means keeping the youth alive in you.  If we want to keep the youth alive in us then it is necessary that the medicine reaches to every cell in our body.  It is told that cancer is a disease of cells.  So the main work of Rasayana is to see how more & more cells will stay alive and powerful and how the diseased cells will be killed naturally by taking longetivity and how new healthy cells will be formed which is called rejuvenation.  This is the perspective aspect of Rasayana.  Rasayana also plays an important part when a body is affected by disease.  Those families who have a cancer history, for eg. If a Mother or Father has cancer, next to kin i.e. brother, sister, maternal aunty or paternal uncle is suffering from cancer then one should continuously take Rasayana.  If a person does take Rasayana, then he will not be affected by Cancer.  This concept is told in Ayurveda.  Many patients have also experienced this.


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