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Rasayana with Chemotherapy

If taken along with Chemotherapy/Radiotherapy it was observed that Rasayana significantly helps patients to tolerate these therapies and also considerably reduces side effects. We have conducted a series of scientific experiments which clearly demonstrated that Rasayana drugs does not modulates hepatic microsomal enzymes. Thus it does not interfere in any way with efficacy of Chemotherapy. We have innumerable cases who have taken Chemotherapy along with Rasayana and has shown very favourable tumor response. Also these patients tolerated chemotherapy very well and were able to comfortably complete the entire prescribed course of chemotherapy/Radiotherapy cycles without requirement of modifying the dose and /or duration. Rasayana therapy also helped these patients to improve their quality of life and also helped them control progression of disease and increased overall survival very significantly.

Non Hodgkins lymphoms

In 2008 I developed a swelling on the Submandibular. On excision Biopsy showed that I had Non Hodgkin Lymphoma. Our oncologist suggested to start chemotherapy. I only could take 3 cycles due to severe side effects and intolerance to the very toxic medicines of the chemotherapy. Since I could not complete my chemotherapy I  decided to go for alternative therapy, that’s when I visited Dr. Bendale at Rasayu Cancer Clinic and started with Rasayana Therapy. In 2 months I was completely free of all my problems. After a year I did a PET scan and it showed considerable reduction in the size of the tumor.  It’s  7 years  on and I am still free of the disease. No more chemotherapy.

Rasayana Therapy is definitely a boon for Cancer patients.

Many many thanks to Rasayu Cancer Clinic.

Liver Cancer

10 years back in 2004 I was diagnosed with Liver Cancer (HCC-Hepatic cell carcinoma). I was in complete shock, disbelief and angry that why it had happened to me. I underwent surgery. At the same time was introduced to Rasayu Cancer Clinic. I got a lot of confidence after meeting Dr Bendale to fight this disease. He explained to me in detail his plan to give me treatment. I started with their Rasayana Therapy. Both therapies helped regress my Liver tumor and I was disease free for 10 years. I consider myself a winner and not a survivor. At age of 76 I was able to lead a full and active life.

In 2014, I got Liver tumor again and Cyst in Pancreas. This did not scare me. I started the Anti malignant Rasayana Therapy again. I got immediate relief from indigestion, acidity, constipation, gases, distension of abdomen and pain in abdomen. Due to reoccurrence of liver tumor my oncologist started me with oral chemotherapy. I had to stop the chemo drug as my kidney toxicity levels increased.

When I repeated the Sonography of the Abdomen it showed stable Liver tumor. I am still taking Rasayana Therapy and living a good life for more than 10 months now.

Prostate cancer

I started taking Rasayana Therapy from  Rasayu Cancer Clinic when almost all doors of treatment were closed for me. I was diagnosed with advanced stage prostate cancer with multiple metastasis in bones . I was having severe pain in almost all my bones. I was unable even to move on my bed. I started Rasayana Therapy with a view of  getting some relief from my pain.To my surprise within few weeks I was almost pain free.Today it is almost 6 years. I am not only free from pain but also from cancer. More over today  I feel more energetic and active than what I was 10 years earlier. I thanks Dr.Bendale for providing a sympathetic and helping hand to me along with his Rasayana Therapy in my time of distress

Investigations after chemotherapy revelved that I was free from my tumor.Thanks to Rasayana.

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