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About Us

This is one-of-its-kind clinic dedicated to the treatment of cancer patients across the globe. The clinic offers holistic treatment backed up by stringent scientific data and rationale for cancer patients. The therapy is centered around Rasayana treatment that can be administered standalone or in combination with chemotherapy (pre/post). The therapy also includes a guided personalized diet regimen along with demonstration based yoga and meditation to give a comprehensive solution to the patient. During the treatment duration, the patient is monitored with the best in class diagnostic tools for evaluating the progression of disease and the treatment is fine tuned accordingly.

The clinic has a rich history of 20+ years for treating various chronic illnesses in all healthcare segments with patients spread across the globe. After a successful stint in treatment of cancer, an overwhelming number of cases prompted the need to create a separate, dedicated and focused clinic for cancer treatment. This specialized clinic offers a unique “Quality of Life” experience to patients and family members without compromising on the patients “right to choose” during their fight against cancer.