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  • Mr. A.S. [ Reg No : Reg ] [ Rasayana helped me sucessfully fight cancer with comfort ]

    It was a sudden shock when I was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of sigmoid colon with peritoneal deposits. It was such a big blow to me that it was very difficult to decide what I had to do next. So finally we decided  to go through surgery followed with Chemotherapy.

    A  close friend who knew about Rasayu Cancer Clinic  suggested I visit them before starting the Chemotherapy . After meeting  Dr. Bendale he suggested that I start the Rasayana Therapy along with the Chemotherapy .

    After the surgery I immediately started with the Rasayana Therapy which actually helped me tolerate the Chemotherapy without any side effects and I could complete all the cycles without any complications.

    When I did my PET SCAN  after 5 months , it showed complete regression of the tumor .

    I think Rasayana Therapy is the best therapy to successfully fight cancer without any complications or side effects.


  • Late Mrs.K.G [ Reg No : 9806 ] [ Discontinuing Rasayan was our greatest mistake. ]

    My mother was diagnosed with advanced Colon Cancer. She was only 47 years old and otherwise healthy. For almost a year she had been experiencing pain in abdomen, fatigue and shortness of breath. I took her to our physician  to see what was wrong with her, but he said she was anemic. As time went by her symptoms worsened. So I decided to take her to a different doctor who told us to do abdominal CT scan and colonoscopy which revealed a large tumor in her intestine. Biopsy confirmed the diagnosis of invasive moderately differentiated mucinous adenocarcinoma of colon. After that she had surgery to remove her tumor, but the tumor resected margins were not free from Cancer cells. Inspite of the surgery, she had pain in the abdomen, so I started looking for alternative therapies to help my mother. I got Dr.Bendale’s reference and decided to meet him. After starting Rasayana Therapy, I noticed my mother showed improvement in her general health. Her appetite gradually improved. She could do her daily activities and felt energetic. She completed four cycles of Rasayana Therapy without any adverse effects. She was absolutely healthy doing her normal day to day activities and also having normal food. She suddenly one day decided to stop taking Rasayan therapy against my wishes or of Dr.Bendale . A few months after that her condition aggrevated. Subsequently after few months she passed away . The purpose of telling her story here is to create awareness regarding Rasayana Therapy which is a very good option for Cancer patients, which is very safe and it will definitely help them to fight this dreadful disease.

  • Mr. L.B. [ Reg No : 6339 ] [ My father is absolutely healthy and Cancer free. ]

    In July 2007, we realized my father was going through a very rough patch health wise. His food intake had decreased and he also had lost some weight. One day he mentioned that he was having a disturbed bowel movement with constipation on a particular day and loose motions on other day. He had also observed that there was some blood in his stool. So we decided to take him to a Gastroenterologist. When we did a Colonoscopy, it revealed that my father had Colon Cancer. He was operated for that as well.

    My father (68 yrs) who is a very emotional and a sensitive person has worked very hard throughout his life. We decided not to tell him about his illness as we wanted him to have a relaxed and stress free life. In the meantime the doctor asked us to start Chemotherapy for my father. As I was aware of the side effects we were not sure about starting the chemotherapy. I was looking at different options for his treatment when one of my friends suggested me Dr Yogesh Bendale at Rasayu Cancer Clinic. When I meet Dr Bendale, he explained everything in detail about the benefits of Ayurveda in the treatment of Cancer. He also gave me the information about the Rasayana Therapy and its uses. I also saw videos of other Cancer patients and their experiences with the clinic, I was very impressed and felt very relaxed at the same time. I immediately started the Rasayana Therapy for my father and it is almost 4 years now that he is absolutely healthy and Cancer free.

    I highly recommend to all the other caregivers to consider treatment at Rasayu Cancer Clinic for their loved ones and to continue the treatment and not to give up in any case.


  • Mrs.R.H. [ Reg No : 222 ] [ Advanced Rectal Cancer with Metastasis to Liver, Pancreas and Lymph nodes Survivor ]

    My mother who is 89 years old has been battling stage 4 Rectum Cancer since May 2014. Her symptoms included bowel issues, rectal bleeding, abdomen burning and pain, nausea, loose motions, soreness in mouth, loss of weight, anorexia, decreased food intake. Mom’s colonoscopy revealed she had tumor in her Rectum and Biopsy revealed moderately differentiated Adenocarcinoma of Rectum. The CT scan showed that it had spread to the liver, pancreas & lymph nodes and they classified it as stage IV Terminal Colon Cancer. She was given only 2-3 months to live. Her weight was only 37.6 kg.

    Oncologist advised that both chemotherapy and radiation treatment was not a viable option as it would make mom more sick. Surgery was also out at her age. Only suboptimal Chemotherapy was advised.

    Being a scientist I knew the limitations and side effects of Chemotherapy so we decided to try Rasayu Cancer Clinic . We met Dr Bendale and he told us about Rasayana Therapy and explained it in detail and answered all our questions.

    Within 15 days of treatment my mother’s energy level and food in take improved. Her problem with loose motions decreased a lot. All her symptoms started decreasing. My mother completed five Rasayana Therapy cycles safely and lived more than 8 months symptoms free. We are very happy with Rasayu Cancer Clinic and its Rasayana Therapy.

  • Mr.S.C [ Reg No : 10438 ] [ ]

    Since I was suffering from severe constipation and distension of abdomen, I decided to visit my doctor. He performed a few tests on me which revealed I had Colon cancer. I got operated and removed my tumor and then he advised some medicine which I had to discontinue as I could not tolerate it. After this I had few cycles of oral chemotherapy with a lot of side effects like loss of appetite, giddiness and nausea.

    Unfortunately when I did a PET scan after a few years we found out that the cancer had spread to my liver and lungs. I again had to undergo chemotherapy for that. This time I had a skin rash as a side effect.

    When we repeated the PET scan, it showed that my liver lesions had increased in size and also the metabolic activity. Simultaneously my wife was looking through the internet to find some other solutions for my problem. We came across Rasayu Cancer Clinic and took an appointment. At the clinic all our queries were answered very satisfactorily by Dr. Bendale and he also explained how Rasayana Therapy works.

    I started Rasayana Therapy, and within few days, I started feeling better. My appetite level got increased. I was suffering from gases, bloating and dry cough which all resolved gradually. Now I am leading a very good quality of life. My life score maintained by the clinic also showed a lot of improvement. I am very happy with the treatment at Rasayu Cancer Clinic.

  • Mrs.I.P [ Reg No : 7374 ] [ Colon cancer with mets in liver and bones ]

    My grandmother had Colon cancer which had also spread to her liver and skeleton. The doctors operated on her and removed the tumour from her colon. Due to her age there was very little treatment that we could give her after the operation was done.

    One of our relatives suggested us Dr.Bendale as she was still suffering from distension of abdomen, gases and heaviness in abdomen, she also had intermittent loose motions with severe back pain and pain in both lower limbs. She couldn’t walk without support even in the house.

    We took an appointment to meet Dr.Bendale. At Rasayu Cancer Clinic a thorough case study was done. They explained how Rasayana Therapy would work. After getting this information we got the mental strength to fight the disease.

    After starting Rasayana Therapy gradually all of her problems started to resolve. She could do her day to day activities without anybody’s help. Her appetite got better, sleep issues resolved. I would say now she was pain free.

    I think Rasayana Therapy possesses very good potential in treatment of cancer. It is a good option for palliative treatment.

  • Mr.SRG [ Reg No : 12925 ] [ My PET Scan is normal-Thanks to Rasayana therapy ]

    I am a retired person and was living my retired life happily until I started having frequent loose motions. I assumed it was due to some infection and use to take some medicine for it. All this happened for 2-3 months and then my wife said let’s approach some doctor and get it diagnosed.

    I agreed and we approached a well know gastroenterologist in Pune. He advised me to do a colonoscopy to rule out the cause. Colonoscopy showed a lesion in my intestine. Doctor suspected it to be cancer so we went through a series of investigations like biopsy, CT scan and it confirmed the diagnosis as cancer of colon.  I was advised a surgery followed by chemotherapy.

    I underwent a surgery in august 2016 and started my chemotherapy. I faced many side effects of chemotherapy. One day as per my daily routine was listening radio and I heard about Dr Bendale’s Rasayu Cancer Clinic. I immediately   contacted their clinic and visited them.

    Dr Bendale explained me everything about their treatment protocol and I decided to start ayurvedic treatment. After starting treatment, I started feeling better. So, I decided to stop chemotherapy and just continue ayurvedic treatment. After 6 months of treatment, Dr Bendale asked me to do a PET CT scan. I was very happy as my PET CT Scan report was all normal.  I am still taking treatment at Rasayu Cancer Clinic. I thank Dr Bendale and team for their support. 

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