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  • Mrs. M.D [ Reg No : NHL-MD-85 ] [ Its 7 years I overcame disease only with Rasayana. ]

    In 2008 I developed a swelling on the Submandibular. On excision Biopsy showed that I had Non Hodgkin Lymphoma. Our oncologist suggested to start chemotherapy. I only could take 3 cycles due to severe side effects and intolerance to the very toxic medicines of the chemotherapy.

    Since I could not complete my chemotherapy I  decided to go for alternative therapy, that’s when I visited Dr. Bendale at Rasayu Cancer Clinic and started with Rasayana Therapy. In 2 months I was completely free of all my problems.

    After a year I did a PET scan and it showed considerable reduction in the size of the tumor. Its  7 years  on and I am still free of the disease. No more chemotherapy.

    Rasayana Therapy is definitely a boon for Cancer patients.

    Many many thanks to Rasayu Cancer Clinic.


    I was suffering from recurrent fever, fatigue, nausea and sweating occasionally so I decided to meet my doctor. He performed a few tests and I found out I had Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. I started taking some oral medication for that. In spite of that there was no change in my health.

    In the meantime a friend suggested Dr. Bendale so decided to meet him. During the appointment at Rasayu Cancer Clinic a thorough case study was done, after which I meet Dr. Bendale who explained all the aspects of my disease in detail. He offered me a lot of help and hope which was very encouraging.

    I decided to start Rasayana Therapy. Soon after starting the medicine I could feel a lot of change in myself. I felt more energetic, I could do all my daily activities, my weight increased and over all my health improved. I also noticed that I could very easily tolerate chemotherapy. 

    I would like to really thank Dr. Bendale and all the staff of Rasayu Cancer Clinic to help me in my fight with this disease.

  • Mr.S.T [ Reg No : 8839 ] [ Got the support I was looking for ]

    I had started to lose weight and also was feeling very tired, suddenly one day I saw a lump near my neck so decided to visit a doctor. The doctor got a few tests and told me I had High grade Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma

    We started a very strong dose of chemotherapy but I had severe mylo suppression so had to stop the chemotherapy. I was hospitalized and blood transfusion was also given to me. Since there were not too many other treatment options left for me, my son started looking for alternative therapies. A friend suggested Rasayu Cancer Clinic to us so decided to meet Dr.Bendale.

    At the clinic a thorough case study was taken and when we meet Dr.Bendale he explained all the aspects of my disease and how Rasayana Therapy would help me in that. I started the Rasayana Therapy and gradually my appetite increased, all my blood counts were in the normal range. I could see a lot of change in the quality of life. A health questionnaire is maintained by the assistant doctors which also showed a lot of improvement. I am really happy that we came to Rasayu Cancer Clinic which helped me so much. 

  • Mrs .DJ [ Reg No : 1256 ] [ I won the battle with cancer which was almost lost ]


    I  was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma (type of NHL) in October 2015. Also I was suffering from chronic Atrial fibrillation. My PET SCAN- revealed multiple lesions in multiple parts of my body in short I was diagnosed as a case of advanced cancer . With this condition I got an attack of cardiac arrest when I was on chemotherapy.My family then decided to stop any further cycles of chemotherapy.

    I was completely collapsed and almost lost all hopes. But I decided to take Rasayana therapy. Within 1 month of treatment at RCC, my health improved a lot and as per doctors I was clinically stable. My appetite was improved, pain and swelling was reduced remarkably. I was so much happy with the relief that I got from this treatment that I decided to stop chemotherapy and continue only ayurvedic treatment


    I was showing all signs of clinical improvement and was happy that I did not have to get hospitalized again and again. After 7 months of exclusive ayurvedic treatment Dr Bendale advised me to repeat PET scan which revealed complete regression of tumor. I cannot express my gratitude that I m living a healthy and tumor free life. Thanks to Dr Bendale and there Rasayana therapy which is a boon for all advanced stage cancer patients . 



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