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  • Mr. S.P [ Reg No : 6374 ] [ It’s a very safe therapy. ]

    My father was diagnosed with brain tumor – Grade IV Astrocytoma at age of 68, which was removed after surgery. In one year it came back again at the same place. Our oncologist advised Radiotherapy and oral chemotherapy on recurrence.

    We found out about Dr. Bendale from a friend. He told us about Rasayana Therapy. It is a REJUVENATOR of good body cells and helps prevent spreading of cancer.

    We were very positively surprised with our first visit to Dr. Bendale at Rasayu Cancer Clinic. The energy and ambience was very positive. Every aspect of the treatment was explained to us in detail – how long the treatment would be and what tests will be done.

    After starting the Rasayana Therapy – my father’s quality of life improved a lot, he did not suffer from any side effects from the chemotherapy.

    After MRI – there was a definite regression in brain tumor size and also defect due to astrocytoma was less.

    We decided to continue the Rasayana Therapy. It’s a very safe therapy.

    Our experience at Rasayu Cancer Clinic was very good and I want to do everything possible to increase awareness about Rasayana Therapy.

  • Mrs.P.S. [ Reg No : 10557 ] [ Grade IV Glioblastoma Survivor ]

    At age of 44, I was diagnosed with Brain Cancer. I was suffering from headache intermittently but I ignored it. One day I had a seizure while working and was unconscious for almost three to four hours. My MRI scan revealed a tumor in my right temporal lobe and it was a high grade Glioma type of tumor.

    I had surgery to remove the Tumor. I decided that I needed to look for other alternative options as well so started searching for information on the net. I got information about Rasayana Therapy and Dr Bendale. Around the same time my husband also got the reference of Dr Bendale from a friend. When we met Dr Bendale he explained all the things clearly which gave me the mental strength to fight with this aggressive disease.  

    I started Chemotherapy and radiotherapy along with Rasayana Therapy. Again my MRI showed swelling in the operated site which suggested possibility of residual disease. We decided to still continue with Rasayana Therapy in hope to see a regression of my residual tumor.

    Due to Rasayana Therapy my energy levels were great, I could also tolerate Chemotherapy well without many side effects. I had completed five cycles of Rasayana Therapy which are very safe and effective.

    I am fit to work in the house. The illness hasn’t stopped me from doing anything, but it has brought everything into perspective. I feel very lucky because I am on right track and taking treatment from Rasayu Cancer Clinic which is filled with positive energy. They have a unique concept of personalized treatment. The patient progress is tracked every time you visit the clinic.

    At Rasayu Cancer Clinic I experienced both holistic and scientific approach. Thank you for the good and normal quality of life that I am experiencing. 

  • Mr.V.M. [ Reg No : 7491 ] [ Immediate symptom relief and partial tumor regression ]

    I had a tumor in my brain for which I had surgery, unfortunately I developed one more tumor after a few years. My primary physician knew Dr. Bendale so advised me to take Rasayana Therapy along with the conventional therapy.

    I decided to meet Dr. Bendale at Rasayu Cancer Clinic and decided to start Rasayana Therapy immediately. After one cycle of Rasayana Therapy, I got relief from my persistent headache. My energy levels also increased and the frequency of my seizures decreased. Simultaneously I started chemotherapy and radiotherapy. I noticed that I could tolerate chemotherapy better with Rasayana Therapy with lesser side effects. After 6 months I did a MRI of my Brain which showed decrease in brain tumor size. So I continued Rasayana Therapy and shifted to an oral dose of chemotherapy .

    Rasayana Therapy is a very good option for cancer patients. I am really  thankful  to both Dr. Bendale and my primary physician who showed me a way to fight with cancer and also gave me one more chance to spend time with my son and wife.

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