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  • Mr.M.E [ Reg No : Reg.No-112 ] [ Got immediate relief from all the symptoms. ]

    I was diagnosed with left thigh sarcoma for which I got operated and was perfectly fine for over a year. A few months later I had pain in my right leg so my doctor advised me to do a CT scan. It revealed that I had tumor in my right thigh and the disease had also spread into my lungs. Again I had surgery, which was followed by Chemotherapy.

    In the meantime I started looking for alternate options, that’s when I heard about Rasayu Cancer Clinic from my doctor who had already referred some of his Cancer patient and had seen a lot of improvement in those patients.

    After I consulted Dr. Bendale, I started Rasayana Therapy. He also started me on Dhoompan Therapy. Dhoompan therapy is inhalation of medicated herbal fumes. The doctors explained that the therapy directly works on targeted organs which in my case was lungs and effectively works on them. After staring this therapy my cough and shortness in breath got resolved. The constriction and heaviness which I felt in my chest immediately reduced as well.

    Along with Dhoompan therapy I also continued with Rasayana Therapy. After starting on Rasayana Therapy  my symptoms gradually reduced. The continuous pain which I never believed I would ever be able to get rid of also subsided. I am now able to live a pain free life. My quality of life score also showed a lot of improvement.

    I believe in Rasayana Therapy as it is evidence based scientifically tested Ayurvedic therapy.

  • Mr.B.J. [ Reg No : 7381 ] [ Excellent relief in recurrent Bone tumor. ]

    I had a bone growth at my right distal end radius which was small so I ignored it, but later on I had severe pains so I did investigations which revealed Bone tumor. I had surgery to remove this tumor. Unfortunately, I had bone tumor again which I also operated. I decided to consult Dr. Bendale to avoid any further recurrences.

    We got the reference of Rasayu Cancer Clinic from a friend. During the consultation a detailed history  was taken and the treatment procedure was explained thoroughly. At the clinic they have a very scientific approach which I liked a lot. The therapy consists of 3 phases of 6 months each which is followed by a compete checkup.

    Earlier I had shortness in breath, pain in my right hand and fatigue which resolved within a month of starting the Rasayana Therapy. My energy levels also increased. When I did a scan it showed only mild inflammation at the distal end of right radius.

    Rasayana Therapy has given me a much better quality of life. The questionnaire maintained by the team of doctors at clinic also showed a remarkable improvement.

  • Mr.A.G [ Reg No : 55454 ] [ Excellent and symptom free quality of life in advanced stage ]

    My son who was only 22 years old was suffering from backache, fever, difficulty in breathing, giddiness and had some growth near the spine region so I took him to the doctor. The biopsy revealed that he had advanced stage Bone cancer. I was in shock. Bone cancer is a very rare and an aggressive type of cancer so we were really scared but we decided to fight with the disease strongly. I got the reference of Rasayu Cancer Clinic from a very close friend. In the meantime I was also searching the internet for information about the disease and trying to find different options for my son. We started Rasayana Therapy after having a talk with Dr.Bendale to improve his quality of life and to get him symptomatic relief. Within three months of starting the treatment his pain reduced a whole lot. His HRCT also showed a stable mass size. His health in general was stable, both his appetite and sleep were normal. His health score at the clinic also showed great improvement. I would like to mention here that Rasayana Therapy really helped my son even in the advanced stage of the disease to have a better quality of life without much pain.

  • Mr.B.C [ Reg No : 6347 ] [ Unknown Primary cancer with extensive skeletal metastasis ]

    My father was suffering from acidity, nausea, joint pain especially in the lumbar area and the limbs. When we went to the doctor he did a few tests which revealed he had skeletal metastasis. The doctor could find out the origin of the disease. Looking at his age we did not want to start the chemotherapy. We had heard about Rasayu Cancer Clinic and how Rasayana Therapy helps in preventing, progressing and treating cancer. A thorough case study was done after that we meet Dr. Bendale who told us how the treatment would work and how it would help my father. We started Rasayana Therapy and we noticed that his joint pain had reduced, he had no acidity or nausea. His reports were also in the normal range. Basically he could work independently as he felt physically and mentally strong. The health log at the clinic also showed a great improvement. Rasayana Therapy really did wonders with my father’s health and I am really grateful to everybody at Rasayu Cancer Clinic for that.

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