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  • Mr.N.N [ Reg No : 10634 ] [ I am living symptom free with Rasayana Therapy. ]

    I had difficulty in swallowing along with burning sensation in my chest, I also felt heavy in my abdomen. I had also lost a lot of weight so decided to see my doctor. The doctor asked me to do an Endoscopy which revealed I had a tumor in my stomach which had spread to the Esophagus and also to my Lymph nodes.

    It was a very difficult time for me, around the same time I got the reference of Dr.Bendale from the internet. I decided to take an appointment.

    When I went to Rasayu Cancer Clinic, the assistant doctor took my case study and the whole process of the treatment was explained to us on a tablet. I found Dr.Bendale was very energetic and explained in detail everything about my illness. As all my doubts were cleared, I started Rasayana Therapy.

    Few days after I started the treatment, I realized that I was more energetic, my appetite improved and my quality of life score also showed a lot of improvement. I decided to continue Rasayana Therapy to prevent progression of my disease.

    I am living a symptom free life now. Rasayana Therapy is a good treatment option for Stomach Cancer. 

  • Mr.R.N [ Reg No : 10782 ] [ We got best care and support with Rasayana ]

    My grandfather was having constant back pain and pain in his limbs, we thought that was mainly due to old age. We took him to our local physician but his medication also did not help him. So the doctor advised to do a MRI of the spine which revealed his lumbar disc had prolapsed. So he was operated on the spine. A few days later he started complaining of pain in the abdomen so doctor advised an abdominal sonography. The report of the sonography revealed he had a tumor in his stomach which had also spread to his Liver.

    Looking at his age we decided not to go with conventional medication as his body could not take it. We came to know about Rasayu Cancer Clinic from a friend so decided to take an appointment to meet Dr.Bendale. We started Rasayana Therapy for him. In a few days his general health improved, the problem of frequent loose motion also got resolved. His appetite improved.

    As we did not want to hassle my grandfather we had decided not to tell him about his illness. A big thank you to Rasayu Cancer Clinic which took such good care of him and also helped him to have a much better quality of life.

  • Mr.S.G [ Reg No : 10603 ] [ excellent health eve in advanced stage ]

    I had pain in my upper part of stomach, felt hyper acidic and anorexic for almost a month. I had also lost a lot of weight. Tests revealed that I had advanced stage Stomach Cancer which had spread to my Liver and also to my Bones.

    We started chemotherapy but I had a lot of side effects. Unfortunately for me the chemotherapy was not working well so I got very nervous and so starting looking out for alternative treatment options.

    This is the time when I got the reference of Rasayu Cancer Clinic from friend and   decided to see Dr.Bendale. At the clinic the assistant doctors took a detailed case study. Then I meet Dr.Bendale who explained in detail the whole treatment process. He also explained how Rasayana Therapy works.

    I decided to start the Rasayana Therapy and the results I saw thereafter were amazing. I noticed that I could take the chemotherapy well without too many side effects that I had experienced earlier. I was more energetic and over all my health improved a lot.

    The clinic maintains a health log of every patient which also showed a lot of improvement. I have decided to continue with Rasayana Therapy as it is a very personalised and safe therapy. 

  • Mrs .K.P [ Reg No : 10939 ] [ I became symptom free ]

    I was suffering from pain in abdomen, acidity, nausea, and vomiting intermittently from six months. One day I had a lot of pain along with vomiting. My doctor asked me to do a sonography which revealed that I had a tumour in my stomach which also involved my Liver, Pancreas and the Gall bladder. This was a major shock to me as I had never faced any major health issues in my life earlier. I personally believe in Ayurvedic medicine so had decided not to take chemotherapy.

    Through the internet we got the information of Rasayu Cancer Clinic so decided to meet Dr.Bendale. At the clinic it was a very fresh atmosphere. The assistant doctor first took a detailed case study. After that we meet Dr.Bendale who explained in detail how the Rasayana Therapy works.

    Started with the Rasayana Therapy and within fifteen days I felt very energetic and my general health also improved. Within a month’s time other complaints like fatigue, acidity, gases, nausea, vomiting, and pain in abdomen also reduced. I also gained some weight.


    I liked the approach at Rasayu Cancer Clinic. Rasayana Therapy is a very safe and effective therapy.

  • Mrs.S.,S [ Reg No : 8614 ] [ stomach cancer with liver mets ]

    My mother was diagnosed with Stomach cancer. She was already suffering from hyperacidity and GERD for which she was taking treatment from Dr. Bendale. Since the medication was not working well he ordered us to do a few tests. When the results came we found out she had multiple liver lesions. We went back to Dr.Bendale as I did not want my mother to suffer in all this. He explained to me how Rasayana Therapy would work. I decided to start that immediately for her.

    The atmosphere at Rasayu Cancer Clinic is very positive and very friendly towards patients. The treatment plan consists of Rasayana Therapy and other symptomatic Ayurvedic medicines. Overall approach at the clinic is very holistic and nice. After starting the treatment we saw a big change in her energy levels, she could perform all her basic duties independently. There was improvement in her appetite. The health log maintained by the clinic also showed a great deal of improvement.   

    I would say that due to the friendly staff of Rasayu Cancer Clinic and the overall approach towards the patients it has been easy for my mother to have a good quality of life even in her advanced stage of Stomach Cancer.

    A big thank you to Dr.Bendale. 

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