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  • Mrs.M.D. [ Reg No : 7631 ] [ Successfully treated Cervical cancer ]

    I am 35 years old lady, busy with work and family. Few days ago started experiencing irregular menstruation along with abnormal vaginal discharge. My cycles also started getting very painful with very heavy bleeding.

    I went to my gynecologist who did a physical examination and also performed  a PAP smear which unfortunately revealed Grade 3 Cervical Cancer. My Cancer had spread to the surrounding regions of my pelvic area as well. I had surgery to remove my uterus along with the removal of the lymph nodes. The doctor advised Radiation along with Chemotherapy. I decided not to go with Chemotherapy due to its known side effects.

    While looking for different options, I heard about Dr Bendale and Rasayu Cancer Clinic and decided to make an appointment to meet him. The clinic have very positive vibes and a very comfortable environment. I was introduced to a unique concept of personalized treatment by Dr Bendale. My treatment included 3 phases of 6 months each and each phase comprising of 3 cycles of 2 months each. A regular follow up pattern was in place to monitor ones health. My health started showing immediate improvement and most of my symptoms also disappeared. Basically my quality of life was improving very significantly.

    I did a PAP smear which came out negative for any Malignancy. I was ecstatic to see the report but I know it is a long road to full recovery, but very sure with the help of Dr Bendale and his team I shall emerge victorious in my battle. A very BIG Thank you to Rasayu Cancer Clinic.

  • Mrs.S.D. [ Reg No : 3558 ] [ Moderately differentiated Keratinising Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Cervix ]

    I was diagnosed with Carcinoma of the Cervix, at the age of 78 years. Since I knew Dr Bendale, I immediately consulted him and discussed a treatment plan. I started taking Rasayana Therapy along with High dose of Brachytherapy. I was happy to see the results as I could tolerate the therapy very well. After 4 months I did abdominal USG which showed only small endometrial collection. MRI of the Pelvis also showed significant reduction in the size of previous lesion.

    Due to Rasayana Therapy I am living a very good quality of life. My appetite, sleep is normal. I can do my work independently. When I repeated my test, the report showed complete regression of mass lesion and resolution of endometrial collection.

    Almost for two and the half years I am taking Rasayana Therapy which is very safe. This therapy helped me to live and enjoy a good quality of life with my grandchildren. At Rasayu Cancer Clinic they maintain a life score which has shown improvement ever since I started the treatment. Rasayana Therapy gives both physical and mental strength to fight with this disease. 

  • Mrs.D.K [ Reg No : CC765 ] [ I can lead normal life just because of Rasayan Therapy ]

    I was shocked when I was diagnosed with Cervical cancer. I had heavy white discharge with itching and burning sensations in my vagina so I took treatment of Cervicitis. When I did not get much relief, my doctor advised some more tests which revealed I had large tumor in my pelvis involving both the Cervix and the Liver. I had surgery to remove my tumor followed by chemotherapy.

    In the meantime a friend gave us the reference of Dr. Bendale at Rasayu Cancer Clinic so decided to consult him.

    Meeting Dr. Bendale was a turning point in my life. He is a very kind person. I liked the approach of his treatment. He explained how Rasayana Therapy would work and gave me satisfactory answers to all my questions. Actually after consulting him I got the mental strength to fight the disease. 

    I was extremely scared of the side effects of chemotherapy so after discussing with Dr. Bendale, I decided to start Rasayana Therapy simultaneously with chemotherapy to improve my immunity and overall health. I noticed that I could tolerate all chemotherapy cycles well. I did not feel too tired, my appetite and sleep was also normal. I actually could lead a normal life.

    The questionnaire maintained by the team of doctors at clinic also showed a remarkable improvement.

    From my experience I can say that Rasayana Therapy is best therapy to increase the tolerability to chemotherapy.

  • Mrs.M.Z [ Reg No : 10576 ] [ I overcame Cervical cancer ]

    I had heavy bleeding with abdominal cramps, but one day the pain was unbearable so went to my gynecologist who got a few tests done which revealed that I had Cervical Cancer. I had a complete hysterectomy and also had few rounds of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

    After that I had a CT scan of the abdomen which showed resolution of right bladder wall lesion but fluid in my right kidney and urethra was seen. I had to take a few rounds of chemotherapy for that. With all this I became very weak, my hemoglobin also dropped down and serum creatinine level got increased. I would spend a lot of time in bed, could not do any work and would feel a lot of fatigue, I also started to look very pale.

    My husband who was very supportive in all this started looking for other alternative options. We got the address of Dr. Bendale from a friend and took his appointment. At the clinic a case study was taken and all the aspects of the case were explained to me in detail. I decided to start the Rasayana Therapy.

    Soon after I started the medication I started to see difference in my health, my pain and anxiety reduced. Frequency of urination also returned to normal. My energy levels increased and I also started doing all my household chores without any problems.

    I would thank Rasayu Cancer Clinic, which helped me to fight the disease both physically and mentally. 

  • Mrs.V.Z [ Reg No : 9621 ] [ Comfort never thought of -Only because of Rasayana ]

    Life is a rollercoaster ride. You can never know what twists and turns lie ahead. I was suffering from Pain in lower abdomen, nausea, and post menopausal heavy bleeding so went to the doctor who ordered tests which revealed that I had a tumour near my cervix which had also spread to my abdomen and Lymph nodes. In a few days itself my abdominal pain grew, was feeling nausea, had difficulty to eat. I also lost a lot of weight. I would spend most of my time in bed. My doctors too were not very hopeful of my condition. My husband who is my strength found out about Dr.Bendale and took an appointment. I was not very keen on meeting him but my husband insisted.

    At the clinic the assistant doctors first took a detailed case study where they explained all the pros and cons of the treatment. After consultation with Dr. Bendale, we started Rasayana Therapy immediately. Within 15 days I started feeling energetic, my general health was gradually improving. Hence, I continued Rasayana Therapy further with other symptomatic ayurvedic medicines. My other complaints also got reduced within a one month. Without any pain killer my pain in abdomen had subsided which had never happened before.

    The assistant doctors maintained a health log which also showed a lot of improvement.

    I have only to thank my family, my husband and the team of Rasayu Cancer Clinic for the quality of life which I am leading now.

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