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  • Mrs.A.A [ Reg No : 5345 ] [ Recurrent moderately differentiated Adenocarcinoma of rectoanal canal with metastasis in Liver survivor (T4 N2M1) ]

    In March 2006 at age of 37 was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. It started with pain in my abdomen, loss of appetite, abdominal distension, constipation, sometimes bleeding per rectum for two to three months. My local doctor told me that I was just anemic. The symptoms worsened. I did a colonoscopy and it revealed a large tumor. In April 2006, I had a colectemy which removed a large portion of my Colon followed by chemotherapy.

    Unfortunately I again developed symptoms, investigation again found Cancer in Colon with metastasis in the Liver. I had surgery again. This time it was Hepatectomy. In a few years I again had pain in right side of the abdomen and severe low backache. Colonoscopy revealed third time recurrence of Cancer in form of tumor. This time we decided that we will also try alternative therapy to prevent further recurrences.

    Found out about Rasayu Cancer Clinic and Rasayana Therapy. Met with Dr Bendale and decided to start Rasayana Therapy immediately after surgery to minimize adverse effects of Chemotherapy and to prevent Cancer spread in my body. In July 2007, I repeated my abdominal sonography which was normal. I took Rasayana Therapy for three years and all investigations were absolutely normal. After starting Rasayana Therapy, I felt significant change in my body. My pain in abdomen and backache reduced considerably within weeks. My energy levels and appetite also improved. My problems with recurrent Urinary tract infections were also cured.

    I want to thank Dr Bendale and his team whole heartedly for the successful treatment. I will recommend Rasayana Therapy to all who need it.

    Year 2015 marks more than 5 years being Cancer free

  • Mrs.S.P [ Reg No : 3552 ] [ I enjoyed life with my family ]

    For a few days I was noticing blood in my stools. The colonoscopy revealed a tumour in my rectum and lesions in my Abdomen. I had surgery to remove the tumour followed by chemotherapy. I had read a lot about the side effects of chemotherapy so was not sure about starting that. I decided to visit Rasayu Cancer Clinic where they took a detailed case study and told me about the unique and personalized therapy called Rasayana Therapy. After starting Rasayana Therapy I noticed a huge difference in me, my energy levels increased frequency of loose motions decreased. My appetite also increased. My abdominal pain was also in control.

    I wanted to be able to enjoy being around my children and friends and family and I am very thankful with Dr. Bendale for giving me this opportunity. I am not letting the disease dictate my life.

    I want to encourage others suffering like me from this dreaded disease that there is hope and it is not the end of the road for them.

    Rasayana Therapy is a very safe and effective therapy.

  • Mr.T G [ Reg No : 54544 ] [ Rasayana gave best quality of life to my Grandfather in his last stage ]

    My grandfather was always feeling very tired, his Haemaglobin was also very low. He had also suffered weight loss. He was a fire fighter who was about to retire from work so we thought that once he has enough rest he would be okay. These symptoms still existed so my aunty took him to the doctor for some investigation. To our disbelief we found out that he had an advanced stage Colon cancer which had also spread to his liver.

    Immediately we started chemotherapy as per our oncologist. Unfortunately the toxicity was so high that we had to discontinue the treatment. Luckily for us we got the reference of Dr. Bendale from a friend and decided to meet him.

    After getting all the information from Dr.Bendale we decided to start the treatment to increase his immunity and also to help him cope with side effects of chemotherapy.

    After starting the Rasayana Therapy his appetite got back to normal and his general quality of health improved a whole lot. The questionnaire maintained by the clinic also showed a lot of improvement. He could actually remodel his dream home and live in it with his grandchildren with peace.

    I would like to specifically mention that everyone should do regular health checkups and not to take any symptoms given by the body casually.

    A big thank you to Rasayana Therapy due to which my grandfather could enjoy the last few years of his life with his home folks in spite of being ill. 

  • Mr.V.H. [ Reg No : 8587 ] [ Adeno carcinoma of the Colon (Stage IV) ]

    Coincidentally on the insistence of my doctor I got a colonoscopy, the results of which were alarming. The test showed I had Colon cancer. My oncologist suggested, surgery followed by chemotherapy. During the chemotherapy I had a lot of side effects but had thought this was all behind me and that I was done with the disease. In a few years unfortunately I had a relapse this time in my Liver. I underwent chemotherapy for that. When this happened again I decided to look for alternative therapy for my disease.

    A friend who is a Prostate cancer survivor suggested Rasayu Cancer Clinic. He told me about Rasayana Therapy and how it works on all levels in your body. After consulting Dr.Bendale I immediately started Rasayana Therapy. Before I started the treatment I had various problems like loose motions, anorexia, acidity and my abdomen also felt very heavy. I was also constantly tired. All these concerns vanished in a few months of the treatment. 

    Physically and mentally I felt very strong to fight the disease. Both my colonoscopy and histopathology reports were normal. The health score maintained by the clinic also showed a lot of improvement.

    I can definitely say that Rasayana Therapy plays an important role in treating cancer. Thank you to the whole staff of Rasayu Cancer Clinic.

  • Mr .M.D [ Reg No : 12922 ] [ Rasayna treatment helped my grandfather recover from Colon Cancer. ]

    My grandfather was diagnosed with Grade 2 Colon cancer at the age of 81 years. Everyone in my family just wanted one thing and that was to maintain his good quality of life and increase his life span. We decided not to go for any chemotherapy or radiation or surgery. And started looking for Ayurvedic treatment. I knew about Dr Bendale’s work in Cancer and Ayurveda for a long time. So, we approached him.

    Dr Bendale saw my grandfather’s report and said that along with ayurvedic medicines we should go for a surgery and remove the tumour. We were reluctant about surgery but he explained us how surgery and ayurvedic medicines will be helpful to him. Finally, we decided to go for a surgery.


    He underwent a surgery in Aug 2016. And started ayurvedic medicines in Sep 2016. He recovered very well after starting ayurvedic medicines. His appetite improved, gained weight of 3-4 kgs in just 3 months. After 6months of treatment at Rasayu Cancer clinic, Dr Bendale asked him to do a PET Scan. His PET Scan report was normal. We are still taking Rasayna treatment and are very happy to see my grandfather alive, healthy and active. Thanks to Dr Bendale and his team for all this

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