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  • Mr.M.S [ Reg No : 10551 ] [ A Rasayana Therapy-Wonderful alternative approach to recover ]

    I was suffering from nausea, anorexia, bloating, dyspepsia, loss of appetite for almost two months. Initially I ignored all these complaints considering it to be age related digestive problems but later on, one day I had very severe pain in abdomen. My eyes were also yellowish so I went to the doctor. He advised me to do a gastroscopy which showed some erosion in my stomach. The blood tests showed that my bilirubin levels were high. The abdominal sonography revealed a possibility of Pancreatic Cancer and also an obstructive Jaundice. My Oncologist suggested a CT scan, which showed tumor in my Pancreas. After surgically removing the tumor the biopsy confirmed that I had Cancer (stage IV) with moderately differentiated dual adenoma Carcinoma of Pancreatic type which also had spread to the Liver and the Lymph nodes. Being really scared I decided to look for alternative options as well after I recovered from the surgery.

    I came to know about Rasayu Cancer Clinic and Rasayana Therapy. During the consultation Dr.Bendale explained all the advantages of Rasayana Therapy and its role in treating Cancer. After starting Rasayana Therapy, I observed that my activity levels got increased and most of my complaints reduced significantly, my appetite also improved. I never felt that Ayurvedic treatment could provide such a fast symptomatic relief. Today in spite of having Cancer I am totally free of all the symptoms .I truly believe I will win my battle with this disease with Rasayana Therapy.

  • Mr.B.S [ Reg No : 3737 ] [ My fight with advanced Pancreatic cancer. ]

    My father had pain in his abdomen, intermittent fever, excessive sweating during meals, weakness, loss of appetite and nausea. He also lost a lot of weight, so I took him to a general physician. We did a CT scan of the abdomen which revealed that he had an advanced stage Pancreatic Cancer with metastasis to his Liver. We thought we could take it out surgically, but the doctors said that it was inoperable and incurable. He had just two months to live.

    So I started searching through the internet for alternative options. One of my friend told me that, he had a friend who had been successfully treated for Pancreatic Cancer by Ayurvedic treatment of  Dr. Bendale at Rasayu Cancer Clinic. After meeting with Dr. Bendale I was happy that finally we had some treatment option for him.

    After thinking a lot I decided not to disclose the diagnosis to my father. Our Oncologist advised Chemotherapy but they did not give any assurance or even a slight hope of any cure. There would also be a lot of toxicity due to chemotherapy. So I decided not to start with chemotherapy instead I decided to continue only with Rasayana Therapy. To my surprise within fifteen days my father got symptomatic relief. So we decided to continue the treatment for rest of his life. Rasayana Therapy helped my father to live his life comfortably till the very end. He could spend good quality of life with his loved ones. Due to Rasayana Therapy he survived for more than 10 months with excellent quality of life as against 2 months as predicted by his oncologist.

    Do remember there is always HOPE.

  • Mr.N.T [ Reg No : 7027 ] [ My father had a comfortable life even at advanced stage of disease ]

    My father was diagnosed with advanced stage Adeno carcinoma of Pancreas with metastasis to the Liver. He also had other problems like diabetes and hypertension. Our oncologist suggested immediate chemotherapy. We all had heard that chemotherapy has a lot of side effects so I wanted to start something unconventional along with that to help him feel better while taking chemotherapy.

    We got the reference of Rasayu Cancer Clinic from a friend and took Dr.Bendale’s appointment. When we went to the clinic a thorough study was done by the assistant doctor after which we meet Dr. Bendale who explained to us the whole treatment procedure. We started Rasayana Therapy along with chemotherapy. We were completely shocked to see that he could actually complete all the 8 cycles without any side effects and could actually have quite a normal life during chemotherapy. The assistant doctors also maintain a health log which also showed a lot of improvement.

    We did a CT scan which showed stable size of Pancreatic lesion while the Liver lesion had actually regressed. We decided to continue with Rasayana Therapy as it had shown a lot of good changes in my father’s health.

    We think due to Rasayana Therapy my father could have a comfortable life even in the advanced stage of his disease. 

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