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  • Mrs. R.C [ Reg No : 8649 ] [ Liver Cancer with Lungs metastatis ]

    My mother was diagnosed with Liver Cancer with metastasis to her lungs. She was suffering from loss of appetite, pain in abdomen, vomiting, shortness in breath, chest pain and cough with expectoration for a month. Her doctor detected jaundice and further tests revealed that the cancer has progressed throughout her liver and lungs. She was slowly leading towards liver failure. The doctors told us that there was nothing more they could do and estimated that she had only a few weeks to live. We had stopped all medications other than for nausea and pain.

    I was trying to find some alternative remedies for my mother when I came across  information about  Dr.Bendale at Rasayu Cancer Clinic  on the internet. I came to know that Rasayana Therapy is an excellent therapy for prevention of Cancer and progression of the disease. Immediately I took my mother to Dr.Bendale in hopes of giving her peaceful and painless life. Dr Bendale explained to us all about her disease and what we could do to make her as comfortable as possible. He also offered us a lot of mental support to fight the disease. We started Rasayana Therapy and within 15 days my mother started giving response to it. Her nausea, pain in abdomen, cough got reduced. She completed two cycles of Rasayana Therapy,  that’s when I observed her energy levels increased significantly, her appetite and sleep became normal. Not only this but now she was able to do her basic day to day activities independently.

    Our Oncologist had suggested her lifespan of just couple of weeks, its almost 6 months now that she is surviving comfortably. Today she is living a good life even in this end stage of Cancer. I would like to thank Dr. Bendale and his able team of doctors at Rasayu Cancer Clinic that we could spend more time with our mother.

  • Mrs. N. J. [ Reg No : 9945 ] [ Stage 4 Intrahepatic cholangio Carcinoma ]

    In Mar 2014 at age 35, I was diagnosed with stage 4 intra hepatic cholangio carcinoma. This started when I was hospitalized with jaundice and anorexia. I had large intrahepatic mass legion in the liver which was confirmed as malignant. I could not work or do any of my normal duties. Family was scared. I underwent biliary sphincterotomy and metallic stent was placed as I had common hepatic stricture( bismuth type-IV). My oncologist started me with Chemotherapy in April 2014 as my bilirubin levels came down. We did a CT scan after one month but the tumor size had not decreased. Oncologist said I was resistant to the Chemo drug.

    At this time my sister introduced me to Rasayu Cancer Clinic for alternative treatment. Met Dr. Bendale and decided to start the Rasayana Therapy. Slowly all my symptoms reduced. Appetite increased, abdomen pain reduced over a period of 2 months. After 2 cycles of Rasayana Therapy ( over 4 months) along with Chemotherapy, my PET Scan showed reduction in Liver tumor.

    Oncologist advised to continue chemotherapy and radiotherapy.  I took Rasayana Therapy which helped me with all the Chemo side effects. The team at Rasayu Cancer Clinic kept a detailed record of all things important to the treatment. I am very happy with the Rasayana Therapy as it helped increase the quality of life even though I found out that I had  advanced stage Cancer. My oncologist told me that I only have 6 months. It’s now 16 months and I am doing fine.

    In December 2014 I had reoccurrence of pain in abdomen along with jaundice. When I did an ultrasound of the abdomen it showed mild ascites with no significant changes. Cytology of the ascites was done which came negative for Cancer cells.

    A big Thank you to Rasayana Therapy.

  • Mr.S.D. [ Reg No : 8816 ] [ A Stage 4 Hepatic Cell Carcinoma Patient ]

    In April 2013 at age 82 my father was diagnosed with Hepatic Cell Carcinoma which had disseminated in the lungs. He had also tested positive for Hepatitis B. Oncologist gave him a maximum life span of only 4 to 6 months. He had been completely healthy till all this happened.

    This all started with him complaining of anorexia, nausea and pain in abdomen for one month. Local doctor could not give him any relief. On further detailed tests we found that he had Cancer.

    Modern medicine did not have any options. Looking for alternative remedies we found out about Dr Bendale. When I meet him, I asked him if he could help increase my father’s life span and make him symptom free and stay happy for his remaining lifespan.

    We decided to start with the Rasayana Therapy. To our complete surprise in 3 months of the therapy he was asymptomatic and his liver function test came normal. His quality of life score improved a lot and we are very happy with the treatment. His appetite came back to normal. We continued with the treatment. After 15 months I did his CT-Scan which showed stable liver mass size.

    I thank Dr Bendale and his entire team for his treatment. My father is going strong after 17 months where our oncologist had given him only 4 to 6 months.

  • Mr. P.K. [ Reg No : 10587 ] [ Recurrent Hepatic Cell Carcinoma Survivor ]

    10 years back in 2004, I was diagnosed with Liver Cancer (HCC-Hepatic cell carcinoma). I was in complete shock, disbelief and angry that why it had happened to me. I underwent surgery. At the same time was introduced to Rasayu Cancer Clinic. I got a lot of confidence after meeting Dr Bendale to fight this disease. He explained to me in detail his plan to give me treatment. I started with their Rasayana Therapy. Both therapies helped regress my Liver tumor and I was disease free for 10 years. I consider myself a winner and not a survivor. At age of 76, I was able to lead a full and active life.

    In 2014, I got Liver tumor again and Cyst in Pancreas. This did not scare me. I started the Anti malignant Rasayana Therapy again. I got immediate relief from indigestion, acidity, constipation, gases, distension of abdomen and pain in abdomen. Due to reoccurrence of liver tumor my oncologist started me with oral chemotherapy. I had to stop the chemo drug as my kidney toxicity levels increased.

    When I repeated the sonography of the Abdomen it showed stable Liver tumor. I am still taking Rasayana Therapy and living a good life for more than 10 months now.

  • Mr. N.S [ Reg No : LC 442 ] [ Rasayu Cancer Clinic brought me back to life. ]

    I was suffering from jaundice when my doctor did some investigations he found out that I had a tumor in my Liver. I had both surgery and chemotherapy to remove the tumor. In spite of that I was still not feeling too good. My food intake was very less, felt very weak and also lost a lot of weight.

    Since I was not happy with the situation, I started searching the internet for alternative solutions, that is when one of my friend recommended Rasayu Cancer Clinic. I took an appointment where a detailed case study was done, all my questions were answered by Dr. Bendale. I decided to start the Rasayana Therapy. I noticed soon after most of my previous problems disappeared, my appetite improved and I also gained weight. The health score maintained by the doctor also showed a lot of improvement.

    That’s when I suddenly without informing the doctor stopped Rasayana Therapy which was a BIG mistake. Unfortunately I suffered a local recurrence along with obstructive Jaundice. I had to do surgery for the same. That’s when I decided to start Rasayana Therapy again. Soon I started to feel almost back to normal.

    A big Thanks to Rasayu Cancer Clinic to give my life back to me.

  • Mrs.U.M [ Reg No : 3951 ] [ Life gives you a second chance. ]

    I had a few symptoms like dark urine, pale stools and a bit of mild intermittent itching which I initially ignored. First my doctor thought it was Jaundice so gave me medicines for that but I did not feel any better. Hence I underwent a few more tests which showed that I had a tumor in my Pancreas and it had spread to my Liver. I had a painful surgery for the same with a long recuperation period.   

    My body had become so weak, I could not even eat anything without feeling nauseous. My physical appearance had also drastically changed. I had to also leave my job as it was very difficult to even do day to day activities.

    One day a friend recommended Dr.Bendale, so we took an appointment to meet him. Dr. Bendale was very positive and assured that if I followed each of his instructions properly he shall surely help me to emerge victorious in this fight against the disease. I started Rasayana Therapy along with strict diet and also made certain life style changes. In a few days most of my complaints got resolved, my appetite got better. My anxiety levels were also good. The health questionnaire maintained by the doctors also showed a lot of improvement.

    The reason to write this is to encourage patients to consider Rasayu Cancer Clinic as an option as life always gives one a second chance.

  • Mr.G B [ Reg No : 10793 ] [ My father got relieved of symptoms in just few days. ]

    My father was suffering from loss of appetite, weight loss and persistent dry cough for which he took some medicine which did not help him at all. We noticed that his appetite had also reduced, so decided to take him to the doctor to find out what was actually wrong with him. On investigation we found out he had a tumor in his Liver. His liver and blood function tests showed that his levels were also increased. There was also free fluid in his abdomen.

    He started experiencing shortness in breath, bloating of abdomen along with swelling on both legs and feet. In spite of being under intensive therapy his condition was worsening and our doctors failed to give us any satisfactory explanation or solution. This was the time when I started looking for alternative therapies for him and found out about Rasayu Cancer Clinic and decided to meet Dr. Bendale. During the consultation everything was explained to me in detail regarding the prognosis of the disease. Dr. Bendale also explained to us how Rasayana Therapy works. At  Rasayu Cancer Clinic they maintain a log which keeps a close eye on the patients health.

    In a few days we saw most of his complaints got resolved, appetite increased  and the swelling on his leg also reduced.

    Our oncologist was also surprised to see such a good change in my father in such a short period of time. Big thanks to Dr.Bendale and his team of doctors.


  • Mr.P B [ Reg No : 10794 ] [ Angioinvasive Hepatic carcinoma ]

    My grandfather who is the head of our family is a very strong and determined person. He would always help everybody but would never complain about anything. Once I noticed that he was looking very pale and tired. After asking him several times he told us he had vomited blood the night before.

     So we decided to take him to the doctor who hospitalised him and did a few tests which revealed he had Liver cancer with involvement of vein. The doctor immediately suggested chemotherapy and radiation, but since he had heard some bad experiences he was not ready to take it.

    We started searching for alternative therapies which would help him fight against his disease without harmful side-effects. I got reference of Rasayu Cancer Clinic so took an appointment to consult Dr.Bendale.

    My grandfather was very impressed with Dr. Bendale who in detail explained all the aspects of treatment to us. He told us how Rasayana Therapy would help him in building his immunity and also fight the disease.

    We started Rasayana Therapy and we saw a big change in him. His appetite increased, energy levels got better. We could see he was now leading a better quality of life in spite of his illness.

    We are really happy that he did not take chemotherapy and we got such a good option like Rasayana Therapy.

  • Late Mr. T.H [ Reg No : 9483 ] [ pain free life even in advanced stage cancer ]

    We took my father to the doctor as he had loss of appetite, pain in his abdomen, nausea, vomiting, slight distension of the abdomen, gases, anorexia and dyspnoea on exertion. When the doctor performed a CT scan it revealed that he had an advanced stage Liver cancer. He also had fluid built up in his abdomen along with jaundice. Since he was under weight, we did not want to opt for chemotherapy. My only aim was to see that he did not suffer due to the disease. We heard about Rasayu Cancer Clinic and decided to consult Dr.Bendale. After getting all the information and clarifying our doubts we decided to start the Rasayana Therapy. We saw an immediate change in my father within one cycle of the treatment itself. His appetite improved and his distension of the abdomen also reduced. He was more energetic. Dr.Bendale advised purgation therapy for his ascites. After sometime when we got his liver test done it was in the normal range. His weight also increased and he could perform all his regular activities without any problems. The health score maintained at the clinic also showed a lot of improvement at all the social, functional and personal levels. Suddenly one day he had fever, abdominal swelling and discomfort and he passed away. He survived for more than a year against oncologist prediction of only a few months. Rasayana Therapy gave him a pain free life even in his advanced stage of the disease.

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