News Letter
  • Mrs.V.T [ Reg No : 01-VT ] [ Free of Tumor with Rapid relief from side effects of Chemotherapy ]

    I was diagnosed with Triple negative Carcinoma of Breast. As it was advanced, my doctor suggested an aggressive Chemotherapy. This gave me a lot of side effects like fatigue, nausea, anorexia, constipation, dizziness, urine retention and amenorrhea. I could only complete 3 cycles and no more.

    I found out about Dr. Bendale and his Rasayana Therapy. In 3 weeks of starting this therapy, I saw a lot of positive response. I was free from all the side effects which I had suffered due to chemotherapy. 

    Dr. Bendale advised me to complete the chemotherapy  and assured me that I won’t have any side effects.  To my surprise this was absolutely true. I could easily tolerate the cycles of chemotherapy prescribed. After getting tests done we found out that I was free of my tumor.

    I would like to thank Dr. Bendale and his team at Rasayu Cancer Clinic that I could actually complete all my Chemotherapy cycles and too without any side effects.

  • Mrs.M.B [ Reg No : 9121 ] [ Rasayana helped me to lead normal life. ]

    I was diagnosed with Breast cancer. This was shocking to all of us at home. But my husband was very positive and gave me strength to fight it. My oncologist told me to take chemotherapy.

    In the meantime my husband was also trying different alternative therapies when he came across Rasayu Cancer Clinic. When we visited the clinic Dr. Bendale explained to us in full details everything about Rasayana Therapy, how it would work and also the time frame the treatment needs to be taken. He was very confident that it will help me to fight the disease and also build my immunity.

    After starting Rasayana Therapy it helped me to deal with the side effects of chemotherapy. I started to lead a normal life.

    The team of doctors at Rasayu Cancer Clinic are very knowledgeable and kept a track of all the relevant details concerning me and my health. I am very happy with the clinic and will recommend all cancer patients to try the Rasayana Therapy.

  • Mrs.S.V [ Reg No : 9690 ] [ I found Rasayana Therapy to be best approach for my advanced stage cancer ]

    My mother who was 70 yrs old was suffering from bloating, acidity, heaviness in the abdomen for almost 3 months. She kept ignoring this as she thought it was an age related problem. Suddenly one day she felt a mass on her breast and also realized that her nipples had retracted. So I took my mother to a gynecologist who did a mammogram and a biopsy. Reports revealed my mother was suffering from intraductal carcinoma of breasts which had disseminated to the lymph nodes.

    The oncologist advised  to remove the tumor from her breast which was followed by Chemotherapy. Unfortunately again in Feb 2014 she developed multiple Cancer lesions in her liver. She started to lose weight, lost her appetite , became extremely weak. She would lay in bed as she had no energy to even carry on her day today activities. Her abdominal sonography showed free fluid in her abdomen. This was when my mother totally refused to take any further treatment as she was suffering a lot.

    My friend then suggested that I should visit Dr Yogesh Bendale at Rasayu Cancer Clinic.  Dr Bendale  mentioned the benefits of Rasayana TherapyHe also told us how Rasayana Therapy would help to improve the quality of life of my mother. After listening to all the information my mother got the strength to fight the disease.Now when I think about it, I feel we started this treatment a bit late. After starting the treatment, a lot of her earlier problems decreased, she also had increased energy levels. Gradually her appetite increased due to which she could enjoy some of her favorite activities.Unfortunately my mother passed away 7 months after she started the treatment but would like to mention here that she spent the last few months of her life peaceful at her home without the need of any hospitalization .

  • Mrs. K.A [ Reg No : 9032 ] [ Unknown Primary cancer with Metastasis in Lungs and Breast cancer Survivor. ]

    It all started in 2009, when I had multiple oval lesions and metastasis in both lungs and abnormal metabolic activity in the Uterus. My gynecologist advised me to remove the Uterus. In Jun 2009 my uterus was removed. I had  Endometrial Cancer. After surgery I underwent Chemotherapy. My post Chemo PET scan showed that I was cancer free. In 2013 I developed a lump in my breast and a mammography which reported as malignant. I underwent 18 chemotherapy cycles. These made me sick and I could not do any of my daily activities. Subsequent PET showed regression of my Breast and Lung tumors. Unfortunately found enlarged mediastinal active Lymph Nodes. I started to lose my faith and mental belief system.

    So now we decided to go for alternative therapies and our family physician told us about Rasayu Cancer Clinic. We decided to start with Rasayana Therapy. Within 2 weeks of starting Rasayana Therapy, my problem of breathlessness, heaviness, pain in my breast, sleeplessness started to reduce. I was energetic and could do all my activities.

    With every visit to the clinic I saw my quality of life improve. In Jan 2014 I started to get some pain and heaviness in my left Breast and some discharge. Dr. Bendale changed my medication and told me to do Basti. In April 2014 again the breast and chest pain started. So Dr. Bendale asked for a PET CT scan. The scan showed increased activity of left breast soft tissue but the earlier right lung parenchymal opacities has regressed. We continued with the Rasayana Therapy and it has helped immensely. My oncologist at that time had just given me a few months to live. Rasayana Therapy has helped me to do all my normal activities. It’s been 20 months since I am taking Rasayana Therapy and I have just decided to look ahead and be confident in beating this disease.

  • Mrs.K.A [ Reg No : 9827 ] [ Without Rasayana Therapy propably I would have been not alive today ]

    I was diagnosed with stage 3 Breast Cancer. I remember feeling as if I could not breathe and the sting of death was at my door. The words "You have Cancer, and it isn't good" were spoken by my doctor.

    I had surgery to remove my tumor followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy. During chemotherapy cycles I had lots of side effects but when I lost my hair I was very nervous and I had question like  "How will I survive this?" and many more. Though family and friends surrounded me through this fight, I was still alone with my thoughts. No one could really know what I was thinking or feeling. But my daughters inspired me a lot to fight with this dreadful diseases.

    One day my doctor informed me that my Cancer was back and had turned into an advanced stage with metastasis in Lungs. My life, that seemed so young and fresh with so much ahead, suddenly seemed dark and hopeless. I was a fighter and was not ready to leave this world and leave my daughters and my family behind.

    At this time I was fortunate enough to get the reference of Dr. Bendale. Meeting Dr. Bendale was a different experience for me. I liked his approach towards his patients. I got the strength to fight the disease. I immediately started the Rasayana Therapy. I was suffering from nausea, acidity,body pain, cough with expectoration. I often used to feel irritable and sleepy during the day. My family members and friends often used to tell me that I looked tired. Just after one cycle of Rasayana Therapy, I got the physical and mental strength back. Not only did I get back my confidence, like I never had before , I also was empowered to bring joy and life to others as well. All my complaints got resolved gradually. I felt energetic. My appetite returned to normal. Now I could do all my daily activities. I am living a good quality of life on Rasayana Therapy.

  • Mrs.A.N [ Reg No : 9950 ] [ Rasayana helped my wife in her fight with Cancer. ]

    We were shocked when my wife was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She was always conscious about her health. Right from her childhood she was a very brave person. She is a Senior Police Officer. After hearing the news, I was very upset and scared.

    She had a surgery to remove both her breasts, she had a total mastectomy which was followed by chemotherapy. Before going through chemotherapy cycles, she studied all about chemotherapy and its side effects. She prepared herself to tolerate the side effects of chemotherapy like hair loss. During her search she came to know about Rasayu Cancer Clinic and at the same time she also got reference of the clinic from her friend. She studied about Rasayana Therapy and was very determined to start it with chemotherapy.

    She met Dr.Bendale at Rasayu Cancer Clinic, after which she started taking Rasayana Therapy along with some supporting medicines. With Rasayana Therapy she tolerated 8 chemotherapy cycles well. She also had 28 cycles of  radiation. Her general condition was excellent. She could also go for her morning walk during chemotherapy. Currently she is on oral chemotherapy tablet. Her energy levels are very good compared to other patients on chemotherapy.

    I am very happy to see her symptom free. She is doing her job well. Her appetite, sleep, energy levels are back to normal. She is living a good quality of life. When we repeated her tests  they were all within normal range. Her recent mammography report is also normal.

    Thanks to Rasayana Therapy.

  • Mrs.KS [ Reg No : 9649 ] [ Chemotherapay was tolerated well with the help of Rasayana Therapy ]

    My mother who is 60 yrs old one day complained that she noticed a retracted left breast nipple so we consulted our doctor. He asked us to do a mammogram. She was diagnosed with advanced stage breast Cancer. We also did a PET scan immediately, and was told that we needed to see a surgeon. The PET scan revealed that her disease was disseminated into lungs, liver and bones. I wanted to know if my mother could go through all the treatment and come out a survivor. She had surgery to remove her tumor. After recovery from surgery, she still had complaints like backache,weakness,back ache, pain in left leg, breathlessness, constipation, anorexia and cough.

    So we visited Rasayu Cancer Clinic and started Rasayana Therapy after consulting Dr. Bendale. She took two cycles of Rasayana Therapy which gave total relief to her symptomatic problem. Her energy levels were increased. Her food intake was also increased. Physically and mentally she had become enough strong to tolerate Chemotherapy. After that we discussed with her primary oncologist  and started Chemotherapy. She tolerated Chemotherapy well. I  believe Rasayana Therapy plays an important role in preventing side effects of chemotherapy and also the progression of the disease. I really wanted to give thanks to Dr. Bendale for making my mother physically and mentally strong.


  • Mrs.R.N. [ Reg No : 9521 ] [ Go for Rasayana Therapy -its wonderful! ]

    My journey with Cancer started in 2005, when I felt lumps in both my breasts. My fears were confirmed when I did a mammography and a biopsy. I underwent for Radical Mastectomy followed by six cycles of Chemotherapy. My husband supported me totally. I was in remission till 2013. Unfortunately, in October 2013, I was suffering from alternate loose motions and constipation, nausea, fatigue, gases, indigestion for two to three months. I went to the oncologist and underwent some tests which revealed a tumor in my intestine. I had surgery to remove my tumor. I underwent for Hemi Colectomy followed by four cycles of chemotherapy. Long part of my large colon was removed.

    At the same time my doctor advised me to go for Rasayana Therapy at Rasayu Cancer Clinic to avoid further recurrence.Meeting with Dr. Bendale was very different experience for us. At Rasayu Cancer Clinic we felt very good. We heard experiences and success stories of many other Cancer patients.

    I immediately started Rasayana Therapy. The frequency of my loose motions got decreased. After two cycles of Rasayana Therapy my bowel related complaints got completely resolved. My energy levels, appetite and weight also increased. Later when I did an abdominal Sonography and Mammography it showed no new changes in Liver Lesion or Benign Breast tumor.

    Currently I am on Rasayan Therapy and living very good quality of life. I am full of energy and doing all my activities normally even at the age of 63 yrs. I was very happy to see my PET scan report which was absolutely normal. Now there is no Cancer in my body. Thanks to Dr. Bendale and his team at Rasayu Cancer Clinic.

  • Mrs.M.S. [ Reg No : 9547 ] [ No cancer sign with Rasayana Therapy ]

    Five years ago I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I underwent surgery to remove the tumor. I was in remission for three years.  But unfortunately I had a local recurrence of the Breast Cancer. My oncologist again advised me surgery and oral chemotherapy. I could not tolerate the side effects of oral chemo. I also had discharge from the surgical wound. Oncologist advised me to stop oral chemo tablet.

    I had a lot of health issues like diabetes, hypertension, asthma, hypothyroidism and ischemic heart disease. I had also undergone a Coronary Angioplasty before. I could not sleep well, was always tired and constantly worried.

    At this time my friend suggested that I should go for Ayurvedic treatment. So we met to Dr. Bendale at Rasayu Cancer Clinic where he explained everything in detail and so I decided to start the Rasayana Therapy. The results were to my complete surprise. My wound healed within a week. Liver tumor regressed within 6 months of Rasayana Therapy treatment.

    In general the quality of life has improved and I can do all my normal activities. The entire team is very helpful and make sure they check all the health aspects. I have completed 3 phases of the therapy.

    I firmly believe that Rasayana Therapy gives immunity, strength to fight with this dreadful disease. I thank the Rasayu Cancer Clinic team.

  • Mrs.A.K [ Reg No : 9897 ] [ A story of real fighter. ]

    My journey with cancer started when I first observed a lump in my breast which had advanced for which I had to undergo mastectomy. A few months later I started experiencing pain in my abdomen. When I did the investigations it revealed that I had cancer of the Ovaries. I also had a hysterectomy for that. In spite of following everything what the doctors advised I still had a recurrence, this time it was a high grade Adeno carcinoma of the Colon. By this time my immune system had completely weakened. I was experiencing severe abdominal pains and cramps. My bowel movements were completely disturbed and irregular. I again had surgery to remove my Colon.When I did a regular PET scan it showed tumor in my liver and enlarged lymph nodes in my abdomen. By this time I was completely exhausted due to the recurring and continuous appearance of cancer and its consecutive treatments of chemotherapy and radiations.

    In the meantime got the reference of Rasayu Cancer Clinic, so decided to go and meet Dr Bendale. All our questions were answered at the clinic. I immediately started Rasayana Therapy. After starting the therapy my existing problems started to reduce. In this past 18 yrs I have been through many ups and downs and have lost hope and regained it many times.

    Thanks to Rasayana Therapy, I am actually feeling like myself again. The therapy not only works on your body but also on your mind. I have experienced a new sense of well being and confidence. Now I am experiencing a better and healthier version of myself. Big thanks to Dr. Bendale and Rasayu Cancer Clinic.

  • Mrs. S.M. [ Reg No : 9721 ] [ Start Rasayana as early as possible ]

    My wife one day noticed a bloody discharge from her breast, when we did a mammogram and ultrasound it revealed that she had Breast cancer. She had her Breast Lumpectomy. A few years later she had a recurrence in her other breast. She also had surgery and Chemotherapy for that. She had a lot of side effects due to chemotherapy. We noticed in spite of chemotherapy she would still keep getting recurrences so decided to look for alternative options. A friend recommended Dr.Bendale to us so took a prior appointment to meet him.

    We noticed that the whole staff of Rasayu Cancer Clinic was very caring and they looked at the general well being of the patient. A proper case study was taken by the assistant doctors. Dr. Bendale also gave us all the information of the disease and also gave us the mental strength to fight it.

    She started with Rasayana Therapy immediately. We observed she was more energetic and could do all her daily activities easily. The major difference we saw was in her attitude towards life and the credit for that goes to the mind and body counselling offered at Rasayu Cancer Clinic. Her quality of life score maintained by the clinic also showed a lot of improvement. Rasayana Therapy is very good in palliative care and it is also a very safe treatment.

    The staff at Rasayu Cancer Clinic has helped us in our journey and Dr.Bendale is  a very caring and compassionate person which we rarely see nowadays. 

    I would just like to say here is to start the treatment at the earliest and have a lot of HOPE and FAITH in GOD!

  • Late Mrs. V. P. [ Reg No : 8607 ] [ Rasayana Therapy showed excellent results even with chemotherapy ]

    My mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, our doctor suggested surgery and chemotherapy but we were not sure due to her old age whether she could handle it. We started her with chemotherapy but she had a lot of side effects due to that. It was very difficult for us to see her through all this suffering so decided to look for alternative therapy.

    We got the reference of Rasayu Cancer Clinic from a friend who told us that Dr.Bendale specialized in treating Cancer patients. After getting all the information we started Rasayana Therapy for her along with Chemotherapy. We saw such a vast difference in her that she could actually tolerate the remaining cycles well, she did not even required any blood transfusion or hospitalisation.

    We continued with Rasayana Therapy as her general health was good. Unfortunately she again started complaining about anorexia and loss of appetite, investigations revealed she had metastasis to the Liver. She again was hospitalized for chemotherapy but we kept giving Rasayana Therapy along with it.

    The sad part in all this, she could not cope with chemotherapy this time around and passed away due to excess toxicity that had caused due to these drugs. 

  • Dr. Mrs. R.K [ Reg No : 10792 ] [ I noticed a major difference in my health. ]

    I noticed lumps on both my breasts along with itching. I am a fairly conscious person about my health so immediately consulted my gynecologist. When the tests were done it revealed that I had stage 3, Breast cancer. I underwent Breast Lumpectomy followed by 8 cycles of chemotherapy. This was also followed by 28 cycles of radiotherapy which made my body extremely weak. I realized I needed something to boost my immunity so started looking for alternative therapies.

    A friend of mine recommended Rasayu Cancer Clinic so decided to meet Dr.Bendale for consultation. When we reached the clinic the assistant doctors did a thorough case study after which we meet Dr. Bendale who in depth told us how Rasayana Therapy would work and also answered all our questions in detail.

    After I started Rasayana Therapy, I noticed a major difference in my health, my energy levels increased, sleep and appetite got back to normal. The problem of peripheral neuropathy resolved completely. The questionnaire maintained by the clinic also showed a lot of improvement. I could return back to my regular routine and look after my family. I definitely think it was a very wise decision to start treatment at Rasayu Cancer Clinic.

  • Mrs .G.G [ Reg No : 9667 ] [ Best of health in my fight with Breast cancer ]

    One day, I noticed I had a big lump in my right breast. I immediately went to my gynecologist who asked me to get a Mammography, a CT scan and a blood test. When the results came we were shocked to know that I had Breast Cancer. The doctor advised me to remove the breast. I had a very difficult time during the surgery. At this time I decided that I am immediately going to start looking for alternative treatment options. I got the reference of Dr.Bendale from my family physician.

    At Rasayu CancerClinic , a detailed case study was taken by the assistant doctor. Then I met Dr.Bendale who cleared all my doubts and explained to me how the unique and personalized therapy named Rasayana Therapy works and how it would be useful for me.

    I decided to start Rasayana Therapy along with the conventional therapy. To my utter surprise, I very nicely completed my chemotherapy without any side effects. The most important point here is that I had decided that I was going to be strong in this whole process. This attitude really helped me a lot in the whole process. I also made a lot of changes in my nutrition focusing on eating healthy and doing Pranayamas regularly.

    The best part in all this is that I had Rasayana Therapy to compliment this as it helped in keeping my general health good with increasing my immunity. 

  • Mrs.K.S [ Reg No : 9540 ] [ I feel Rasayana is best for Advanced breast cancer ]

    One day after a regular visit to my doctor who did a few tests revealed that I had advanced stage Breast cancer. I was totally shocked to find this out but I decided to take this very strongly for the sake of my family.

    I immediately started collecting information about the disease and all the available options to fight it. On the internet I came across Rasayu Cancer Clinic and I read all about the Rasayana Therapy. One of my friends also referred me to Dr. Bendale.

    I took an appointment to meet Dr. Bendale who explained how Rasayana Therapy works so I decided to start it as soon as I had my breast surgery to remove the tumour.

    I started the therapy and within two weeks I noticed a lot of change in my general health. I felt very energetic, the cough also reduced. I had a lot of pain in the bones which also reduced. To my surprise I could actually carry on all my daily activities. I can also say it helped me physically and mentally to fight with the disease. My energy levels also improved.

    I am sharing this with everybody to spread the awareness how Rasayana Therapy has helped me immensely in this journey of mine.

  • Mrs .N.T [ Reg No : 8642 ] [ Care which my mother needed in advanced cancer ]

    My mother was diagnosed with advanced stage Breast Cancer and to make things worse she developed fluid in her abdomen. Her cancer had already spread to her Liver and the Uterus. The doctor recommended very aggressive chemotherapy. Due to chemotherapy she was in a lot of pain and also suffered many complications. It was very difficult for us to see her like that so started looking for other options on the internet and came across Rasayu Cancer Clinic. The treatment was based on Ayurvedic principles which did not have any side effects so decided to take my mother there and took the appointment.

    At the clinic a thorough case study was done and then we meet Dr. Bendale who assured that after starting the Rasayana Therapy she would get a lot of relief from most of her complaints. We saw after she started the treatment she was more energetic and generally more comfortable. She was leading a better quality of life until the very end of her life. The only regret that we have is that we should have come to Dr. Bendale much earlier.

  • Mrs.S.J [ Reg No : 10732 ] [ I enjoyed my life even in advanced stage ]

    I noticed a hard lump in my breast, tests revealed that I had Breast Cancer which had spread to my Liver and the Backbone. I had to remove my Breast and also had to take chemotherapy after that. In the meantime my husband started to look for more options for me. He came across Rasayu Cancer Clinic, where they mentioned about Rasayana Therapy and how it benefited while taking chemotherapy by reducing the side effects. One friend also confirmed what was mentioned on the internet. We decided to take the appointment at Rasayu Cancer Clinic.

    When we went to the clinic the assistant doctor first took a detailed case study and then we meet Dr.Bendale who explained to us in detail how Rasayana Therapy would help me. He also answered all my questions with a lot of patience.

    I immediately started the therapy and noticed that I could take the chemotherapy much better. I noticed my immunity also increased. I did not have any episodes of any infections. My energy levels were better and also gained weight.

    The health log maintained at the clinic also showed a lot of improvement. Overall I saw a lot of difference in quality of my life.

    I think Rasayana Therapy is best therapy for Breast cancer.

  • Mrs.V.C [ Reg No : 10663 ] [ Left breast Cancer Survivor ]

    My mother noticed a small lump in her breast along with some discharge from her nipple. The tests revealed that she had Breast Cancer for which had to undergo total mastectomy. We decided to not tell her about her illness as that would have shattered her. She had the surgery which was very uneventful. After a few days she started having pain at the operation site. She became very weak. Her appetite reduced drastically. She was not responding well in spite of the medications. We realised we needed to look for some alternative treatment option. We got the reference of Rasayu Cancer Clinic from a friend.

    At the clinic Dr Bendale explained in detail about the Rasayana Therapy which would help my mother in fighting the disease and would also build up her body immunity to cope with the disease. Within 15 days of starting Rasayana Therapy she started feeling better. She was feeling energetic. Her appetite returned to normal. Her pain in operated site also got gradually reduced. Hence we decided to continue with Rasayana Therapy.

    The clinic maintains a health log which also showed a lot of improvement. We were so happy with the approach at the clinic. Due to this treatment my mother is in a better position to fight the disease both mentally and physically.   

  • Mrs.A.D [ Reg No : 10675 ] [ Im Thankful To Rasayana ]

    I noticed lumps on both my breasts with pain and heaviness. There was a slight discharge from my right breast as well. Tests revealed I had Breast cancer. My oncologist suggested Radical mastectomy. After the surgery I had to take chemotherapy and radiotherapy as well. I had a lot of side effects due to chemotherapy, I was feeling very weak and tired. Suddenly I started having heavy bleeding hence I consulted my oncologist.  I did an abdominal sonography which revealed that my uterus size had increased. My oncologist advised me to do surgery to remove my uterus to avoid spread of cancer to the uterus. We thought we needed to have a second opinion so started looking for alternative options.

     We got the information of Rasayu Cancer Clinic from the internet and took an appointment. After a detailed case study, they told us how Rasayana Therapy would help me. Dr. Bendale gave me medicines to stop the excessive bleeding and asked to take the treatment for a month and decide if I still needed to do the surgery to remove my Uterus after that. In a few days itself my bleeding stopped. A repeat sonography also confirmed that the size of the uterus was also normal.

    Since I started Rasayana Therapy I feel healthy, energy levels are great. I can easily carry out all the normal activities without any pains or complaints. I am more physically and mentally strong to fight the disease.

  • Mrs.L.P [ Reg No : 11036 ] [ Im a happy healthy survivour ]

    I was suffering from pain and heaviness in my breasts. When I went to my doctor and after doing a few tests she told me that I had a tumour in my left breast which had also spread to my lymph nodes.

    After surgery my oncologist advised me chemotherapy, but I was not willing to go for chemotherapy so decided to start Rasayana Therapy.

    My first experience with Rasayu Cancer Clinic was one which I had never had elsewhere. Dr.Bendale and his team were so positive about my prognosis. Dr.Bendale very patiently answered all my queries and took an extra effort to explain the procedure of my treatment including its pros and cons. He made me understand what to expect and what not to expect during the course of my treatment.

    I started Rasayana Therapy immediately and within a few days I was feeling energetic. I observed my general health was gradually improving. I can now do strenuous activities also and do not even feel tired. My other complaints like fatigue, body ache, gases also get reduced within one month. I also realised that the health log maintained at the clinic also showed a lot of improvement.

    Rasayana Therapy is such a safe and an effective therapy. I am living a much better life with the help of Rasayana Therapy.

  • Mrs.L.D [ Reg No : 8803 ] [ Breast cancer with extensive skeletal metastasis ]

    I always had pain and heaviness in my breasts a few days before my menses. I did not pay any attention to that as I thought that was normal. Suddenly my pain increased so went to the doctor who did a few tests which revealed that I had Breast cancer. I also did a PET scan which revealed extensive spread of cancer lesions to my back bones. The doctors advised surgery followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The doctor noticed that in spite of all the treatment the lesions had not regressed. Now they started me on oral chemotherapy. I was looking very pale and weak. I also had constant bodyache. A friend who was taking treatment from Dr.Bendale recommended him to us.

    We took an immediate appointment. Initially a detailed case study was taken followed by consulting with Dr.Bendale who explained how Rasayana Therapy would work in my illness.

    After starting Rasayana Therapy, I started feeling energetic. I observed my general health was gradually improving. My appetite increased significantly. All my complaints like fatigue, body pain, gases also got reduced within a very short time. The health questionnaire maintained by the clinic also showed a very good response to the medication.

    Rasayana Therapy has really helped me to lead a good quality of life even in the advanced stage of my disease.

  • Mrs.R.M [ Reg No : 2363 ] [ living normal life just because of Rasayana ]

    I noticed a lump in my breast and few days earlier there was also some discharge from the nipples which I totally ignored then. Basically I am a very conscious person always ate right, did a little bit of exercise and slept well. So it was a shock when my doctor told me that I had Breast cancer. I was suggested Radical mastectomy. I had the surgery as suggested by my doctor but he also wanted me to take chemotherapy after that. I was extremely scared about the side effects of chemotherapy so decided to consult Dr.Bendale as we had heard he specialises in Ayurvedic cancer treatment.

    With prior appointment we visited to Dr.Bendale. We found Dr. Bendale’s approach towards treating cancer was very positive. He explained to us with facts and statistics the effect of Rasayana Therapy in cancer treatment. I immediately started with Rasayana Therapy along with other medication to build up my immune system on a cellular level and to prevent any side effects of chemotherapy cycles. 

    I noticed that I had very little side effects of chemotherapy and I tolerated it really well. My energy levels were also good. I could continue with all my daily routine. The health log maintained at the clinic also showed a lot of improvement.

    A big thank you to Dr.Bendale and his team for giving me a helping hand in this journey of mine.

  • Mrs.S.T [ Reg No : 8150 ] [ Chemotherapy was very comfortable due to Rasayana ]

    I noticed a lump on my breast so visited my doctor who got a few tests done which revealed that I had Breast cancer. I had to do the surgery to remove the tumour. After the surgery I also had to take chemotherapy. Since I had heard so many side effects of chemotherapy I was not sure if I wanted to take the therapy. A friend who was taking treatment from Dr. Bendale suggested Rasayana Therapy to me as it helps in reducing the side effects. I decided to take an appointment to meet Dr.Bendale. At the clinic the assistant doctor first took a detailed case study. Then we meet Dr.Bendale who in detail told us how the Rasayana Therapy works and how beneficial it would be for me in my treatment. So we decided to start both the therapies together.

    To my utter surprise I could complete all my chemotherapy cycles absolutely without any side effects. I did not even feel weak or tired during the therapy. I was actually energetic and also could carry on with my daily activities without any help from anybody. I felt a lot of change in my physical and mental fitness. Life started to feel more like normal which was a great feeling.

    The assistant doctor maintains a health log at the clinic which also showed a lot of improvement from the baseline score.

    I would definitely say due to Rasayana Therapy my quality of life improved and I could tolerate the chemotherapy without any side effects.

  • LSK [ Reg No : 12815 ] [ My Grandmother had a pizza party with us. ]

    I am writing on behalf of my granny. I remember few days back she came to me saying I could feel a lump in my right breast. We immediately consulted doctors. After multiple tests, she was diagnosed as breast cancer which got spread to her bones. It was stage 4 cancer.

    My maternal uncle is a doctor. So, he discussed everything with us and planned a surgery and chemotherapy. She didn’t want to take chemotherapy. But we all forced her. It happened that after 3 cycles of chemotherapy her appetite was decreased. She had lost 5-7 kg of weight. She was bed ridden and I could not see my granny like this. So, I decided to look for some options. This is the time when I came to know about Dr Bendale’s Rasayu Cancer clinic. After meeting Dr Bendale we all felt confident as he explained how Ayurvedic medicines are going to help her. He explained us the entire treatment protocol. We all were convinced and decided to start treatment at Rasayu Cancer Clinic.

    We all decided that we will only continue this Ayurvedic treatment and stop other treatments as she was getting week day by day. After few weeks of treatment at Rasayu Cancer Clinic, her health was improving. Her appetite improved, she could do things on her own. She started going for walk. Things were like before. One day she said me I think I don’t have cancer anymore and I am feeling much better. let’s celebrate! I was extremely happy to see this change in her. She said let’s do a Pizza Party! We all appreciated this and celebrated her health.

    At this age and when diagnosed with such a dreadful disease, all doctors had given up, but it was Dr Bendale who gave us the confidence that she will live a good quality of life with his treatment. Thanks to Dr Bendale. My grandmother is still taking treatment at Rasayu Cancer Clinic. And living a good quality of life. 

  • Mrs.KT [ Reg No : 2324 ] [ My mother is happy to see hrself free of disease ]

    My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 70 years. Fortunately, it was stage 1 Cancer. We approached 3 different onco-surgeons for their opinion. All of them advised us to do a surgery followed by chemotherapy and radiation. I being a software engineer had done all sort of study about my mother’s disease. I was aware of the side effects due to chemotherapy but was not reluctant as I thought it was the saviour.

    My mother got operated in Jan 2016. And after 10 days we were called for chemotherapy. But after coming back from surgery my mother somehow started behaving weird. She refused to take chemotherapy. She said to me that I want to die peacefully. I don’t want to suffer from the side of effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. I tried all my best to convenience her but it was vain. She had already decided it. I was worried that we should take some treatment and not leave it just like that. I started looking for some ayurvedic treatments for cancer and got to know about Dr Bendale.

    I first approached him & discussed everything with him. He explained me their standard treatment protocol and their personalised approach in treating cancer. I was convinced by their approach. I discussed everything with my mother and we started treatment at Rasayu Cancer Clinic. She was responding well to the treatment. After every 3 months, we use to check her blood and do a sonography and see if the everything else is going fine. She had no symptom and was happily living her life.  After 1 year of treatment she was advised to do a PET Scan which showed there was no cancer in her body. She was happy to see herself free from disease even without taking chemotherapy. My mother is still taking the treatment at Rasayu Cancer Clinic.

  • Mrs KS [ Reg No : 12353 ] [ My Latest PET Scan after Rasayana therapy reports "No active disease" ]

    In March 2016, I felt a lump in my right breast. I immediately rushed to my gynaecologist. She advised me to do a mammogram. In this report, there was a lump which was likely to be a cancer so to confirm she further advised me to do a biopsy. Unfortunately, the biopsy turned out positive for cancer. To know the stage of the disease a PET CT scan was advised and it showed that I had a     stage 4 breast cancer. It was spread to my bones as well.

    I was given an option of chemotherapy or Hormonal treatment in the form of tablet lifelong. Me and my husband were reluctant for chemotherapy so stated with hormonal treatment. But we were not sure if this is enough. So, we decided to start some ayurvedic treatment along with this Hormonal treatment. My husband got the reference of Rasayu Cancer Clinic through one of his friend. We decided to visit the clinic first and then start with the treatment.

    We were very satisfied the way Dr Bendale answered all our doubts. He explained the entire treatment protocol to us. We started the treatment in May 2016.  The only symptoms that I had was backpain and my appetite was low. Within 15 days my appetite improved and over a period of 2-3 months my backpain subsided. After 6 months of treatment I was advised to repeat a PET CT SCAN.I am happy to share that my bone spread and my breast lump was reduced and there was no active disease. I have continued Rasayna treatment and I am extremely happy about it. 

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