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  • Mr. R.P [ Reg No : 7100 ] [ The tumor size reduced along with the pain ]

    I started having problems with tongue ulcers and also had difficuly in opening my mouth.  I would have intolerable pain in the right jaw, nausea, vomiting, backache and weakness.  After investigations by my Doctor , he told me that I had advanced Squanous cell Tongue Cancer and lesions had spread to my bones. This was very frightening and very depressing. 

    I decided to fight this battle and started to look for alternative therapies along with traditional Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy.

    I found out about Dr. Bendale and also heard about his experience in treating Cancer and Critical illness patients. When I came to Rasayu Cancer Clinic, the assistant doctor did a thorough study of my case after which I meet Dr. Bendale. After the discussion with Dr. Bendale I was certain that I wanted to start the Rasayana Therapy along with Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy. It helped me by reducing the pain, increasing my appetite and energy levels  and I could easily tolerate the Chemotherapy. The tumor size reduced along with the pain. All symptoms which were there at the beginning were gone.

    I am really thankful to Dr. Bendale and his team for making me physically and mentally strong to fight this battle against Cancer.

    I am very happy with Rasayana Therapy and suggest to every patient not to lose hope and fight it.

  • Mrs.S.J [ Reg No : OC 554 ] [ Never lose Hope ]

    My wife had difficulty in opening her mouth and also had excessive bleeding from her gums. When we did the investigations we found out that she had cancer of Maxilla. She had surgery for that, a few years later she again started having problems in swallowing her food. The investigations confirmed she had Tongue and Mandible cancer. She was again operated for the same and also had 32 cycles of radiotherapy.

    She still had problems swallowing liquid diet and also had intolerable pain in her right jaw, nausea, vomiting anorexia, constipation cough and weakness.

    We heard about Rasayu Cancer Clinic from a friend so immediately took an appointment to visit them. A detailed case study was initially taken by the assistant doctor after which we meet Dr. Bendale who answered all our questions in detail. Going to Rasayu Cancer Clinic gave us a lot of mental peace and strength to handle this bad situation.

    My wife started the Rasayana Therapy, and in a few days she started feeling better her pain decreased, her appetite also improved. She could swallow liquid food much easily. She could do her normal activities without anybody’s help. She had better energy levels.

    Rasayana Therapy has really helped her a lot. Never to lose HOPE is what we have learnt from this experience. 

  • Mr.R.J [ Reg No : 10652 ] [ Very good palliative care therapy ]

    My husband initially developed just a small lump in the left side of the inner side of the mouth which he ignored. When the pain increased he mentioned it to me so we saw our doctor immediately who got a few tests which revealed he had Oral Cancer which could not be operated on. So we started him with chemotherapy but it had such an adverse effect on him that he just could not tolerate it. He could barely eat or drink. He had so much of pain that he could not even sleep. At that time one of our doctor friend suggested Rasayu Cancer Clinic.

    During the appointment with Dr.Bendale he explained in detail first about the illness and also how Rasayana Therapy would help him. All our doubts were cleared as to what to expect and what not.

    We started Rasayana Therapy, after which he could actually tolerate the remaining cycles of chemotherapy well. The pain in his mouth reduced, he could eat semi solid food. The burning sensation he felt in the oral cavity also reduced. His energy levels were better. He slept better and he was gradually returning back to his normal life.

    I feel Rasayana Therapy is very good for palliative care.


  • Mr.G.M [ Reg No : 9509 ] [ Tongue Cancer – Epithelial dysplasia ]

    I had an ulcer under my tongue and was not able to open my jaw so I consulted my doctor. Initially he gave me some medicines but I didn’t get any relief so he asked me to do a few more tests for further investigations. After doing the tests I came to know that I had cancer in-situ. I was very shocked to hear this as I was a non smoker and never had even chewed tobacco.

    I had heard about Rasayu Cancer Clinic and decided to take an appointment. At the clinic I heard a lot of success stories of many patients which was very reassuring. A prior case study was done by the assistant doctor after that I meet Dr.Bendale who spoke very nicely with me and cleared all my doubts. He also explained to me the treatment procedure.

    I started Rasayana Therapy to improve my immunity to fight with cancer. The tongue lesion got cleared within two months. I had no problem while opening my jaw and could also swallow food easily.

    The assistant doctors at Rasayu Cancer Clinic maintained a questionnaire to determine the general health of the patients which also showed quite a lot of improvement. I could see that my quality of life had improved a whole lot since I started the treatment.

    I really appreciate and thank doctors at Rasayu Cancer Clinic to help me deal with my illness. 

  • PD [ Reg No : 12577 ] [ I had no recurrence after taking Rasayana therapy. ]

    At the age of 53, I was diagnosed with tongue cancer. This happened in Dec 2015. I underwent surgery, chemotherapy followed by radiation for my cancer. I suffered a lot during this treatment. I had many side effects during this treatment. So I was looking for an alternative treatment and to prevent the recurrence.

    My friend told me about Rasayu Cancer Clinic. I approached the clinic in Pune. Dr Bendale assured me that I need not worry about my disease here onwards. He explained me how these medicines are going to improve my immunity.  I felt very positive. And started my treatment at Rasayu Cancer Clinic in June 2016.

    After chemotherapy and radiation, I had trouble swallowing, had mouth ulcers, my appetite was low and my weight has reduced by 7kgs. Within 1month of treatment at Rasayu Cancer Clinic my appetite improved, my mouth ulcers vanished and I started putting on weight. I was very happy with this changes in me. In fact, my wife was also happy as I was giving justice to whatever she cooked for me.

    After 6 months of treatment, Dr advised me to do a PET scan to see if there is any recurrence. But my PET scan was good and there was no disease elsewhere. We all were happy. I thank god for this present day and all my doctors for everything they did for me.

    Cancer taught me so many things. The key to handle this disease is stay strong and continue your life.

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