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  • Mr. N.C [ Reg No : Reg-125 NA ] [ Rasayana gave best quality of life and increased survival to my father ]

    My father was first diagnosed with Aden carcinoma at age 60 in 2008. We gave him the best possible treatment of surgery and chemotherapy . This brought him in remission and he was cancer free for 2 years, but in 2010 the cancer relapsed and this time it was severe and there was metastasis. The doctors said there was not much one could do in his state. We again started him with chemotherapy.

    Through a friend we found out about Dr. Bendale and decided to take the Rasayana Therapy. We saw a definite improvement in his quality of life and lesser symptoms and side effects of the chemotherapy as compared to the first time he had chemotherapy. The tumor decreased in size. Hospitalization stays decreased. He was totally active and independent. He certainly had a good life for the last 3 years of his life.

    He survived for three years after this and that too in best of his health,living his life to the fullest..

    We want to thank Dr. Bendale and his team at Rasayu Cancer Clinic for helping my father have a good quality of life.

  • Mr.K.P [ Reg No : LC-225 ] [ Adenocarcinoma of Lungs Survivor ]

    I was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. It all started with cough

    accompanied with Haemoptysis. I was shocked because I had never smoked or

    had nicotine in my life. My wife was very afraid but both of us gave strength to

    each other and decided to face this disease head on.

    My primary doctor told me to take chemotherapy. I did not cope very well with

    the effects of chemotherapy and stopped further cycles.

    At this time we found out about Rasayu Cancer Clinic and Dr. Bendale. We

    consulted with Dr. Bendale and he explained every aspect of the treatment very

    well. He gave us all the time we wanted, answering all our questions. We started

    with Rasayan therapy which is to be taken for a period of 18 months with 3

    phases each of 6 months. After every 6 months detailed testing and scans have to

    be done to monitor the progress of the treatment.


    Within 2 months of taking Rasayan I saw positive effects. My coughing and

    bleeding had reduced. After 6 months all the symptoms had stopped. So against

    Dr. Bendale’s advice I stopped taking Rasayan therapy. In 3 months again I started

    having problems like breathlessness, cough, and pain in the right side of my chest.

    We did a CT scan as advised by Dr. Bendale. The scan revealed increase in size of

    lung tumour and also development of fluid in my chest. Oncologist said that the

    tumour was inoperable and I should go for Chemotherapy.

    I  started with Rasayana Therapy again and soon the cough, pain in the chest and

    breathlessness stopped.

    My fight with Cancer still continues. Rasayu Cancer Clinic has played a major role

    in my fight with Cancer and I am very happy with the entire team.

  • Mrs.A.A [ Reg No : M55654 ] [ Lung Cancer with Tuberculosis ]

    My mother was suffering from persistent cough, we tried everything but nothing was helping her at all. After doing a few tests we found out she was suffering from Lung Cancer. We also got a second opinion to confirm the diagnosis.

    Since I heard a lot about cancer treatments and their side effects we decided to look for alternative treatment options for her. We got the reference of Dr. Bendale, so decided to consult him immediately. After meeting the doctors at Rasayu Cancer Clinic, we got all the information we needed and so decided to start  Rasayana Therapy immediately.

    In a few months my mother got some relief from her cough but Dr. Bendale was not satisfied with her improvement so he advised us to do a chest X-ray which showed fluid collection. He also asked us to do a CT scan which revealed enlarged lymph nodes and all other tests determined that she also had tuberculosis.

    So we started anti tubercular therapy with Rasayana Therapy. After 4 months significant improvement was seen in her. Her chest X-ray showed reduced lymph nodes size and pleural effusion. By seeing her response we continued with Rasayana Therapy followed with regular investigations.

    During each visit to the clinic the assistant doctors would draw a health related quality of life score through a scientific questionnaire. They would ask questions regarding her social activity, functional capacity, personal relations and more. The questionnaire also showed a lot of improvement.

    We took treatment for four years. During her treatment period she was symptom free. She got relief from cough. Her energy levels were also good.

    My message to anyone with cancer, especially with Lung Cancer, Don’t be Afraid Fight it.

  • Mr. V.S [ Reg No : LC 112 ] [ Lung cancer along with renal failure treated with Rasayana ]

    My father was a patient of Chronic Renal failure on dialysis thrice a week. He was also a chain smoker. He suddenly developed cough, his voice changed, he also lost some weight. We took him to the doctor who did a CT scan which revealed that he had Lung Cancer. He had to take Chemotherapy but he could not tolerate it as he had renal insufficiency.

    Since he could not tolerate chemotherapy we started looking for alternative solutions for him. We got the reference of Rasayu Cancer Clinic from a friend, so took the appointment to meet Dr.Bendale. First a detailed study was done by the assistant doctor followed by a detailed discussion with Dr.Bendale who explained all the aspects of the treatment.

    We started Rasayana Therapy and in a month’s time his cough stopped and his energy levels were also good. All in all I can say his quality of life improved a whole lot. He could lead a peaceful life till the very end. I would specially like to mention here that Rasayana Therapy played a very important part even though he had renal failure.

  • Mrs.A.L [ Reg No : 9658 ] [ I am leading a normal life without any pain. ]

    I had a tumor in my Lungs for which I got operated. A few days after I had dengue this made me very weak. In spite of the surgery I was still suffering from cough, weakness, vertigo, backache, pain in limbs and low platelet count.

    I realized I had to look for other alternative therapies as I was not feeling too good. One of my friend recommended Dr. Bendale. We took an appointment to meet Dr. Bendale. Initially a thorough case study was done by the assistant doctor, then we meet Dr. Bendale who explained in detail how the Rasayana Therapy would work and how it would help me with the disease. I started Rasayana Therapy along with radiation and chemotherapy. I would specially like to mention here that I did not suffer from any side effects and could actually complete all the cycles well. I could also do all my daily activities without any problems.

    I have noticed since I started Rasayana Therapy, I am leading a normal life without any pain. The quality of  life score maintained at the clinic has also showed a lot of improvement. I am both physically and mentally strong to fight the disease.

    A special thanks to Rasayu Cancer Clinic and the whole team of doctors for giving me helping hand in my fight with cancer.

  • Mrs.K.R [ Reg No : 10424 ] [ Our decision to start Rasayana was Right ]

    My mother was suffering from problems like cough and expectoration for a few days. The things became worse when she had blood in her cough. The doctor ordered a CT scan which revealed that she had multiple tumours in her lungs. Her lymph nodes were also enlarged. Since she had suffered so much due to her earlier illness I did not want to tell her about this. I also was not too sure I wanted her to take chemotherapy due to its side effects. I started looking for information about Lung cancer and other treatment options. I found out about Rasayu Cancer Clinic and decided to first visit them alone and get all the relevant information. During the visit they explained how Rasayana Therapy works and how that would be useful for her.

    I got my mother to the clinic and we decided to start Rasayana Therapy. In a few days itself she got relief from most of her complaints. Her cough reduced her complaints like nausea, sleep and digestion related problems got resolved. She had good energy levels. She could do all her activities without anybody’s help. She was now leading a happy and good quality of life.

    The health log maintained at the clinic was also showing a lot of improvement.

    I can say confidently, my decision of taking Rasayana Therapy was correct. It is very good option for palliative care. Most important thing NEVER to LOSE HOPE.

  • Mrs .S.G [ Reg No : 10160 ] [ excellent pain relief even in advanced stage ]

    I started experiencing pain on the right side of my abdomen which I thought would  subside in a few days .But it carried on for weeks accompanied by dry cough, all joint pains, pain in right shoulder joint and hand and 5 kg weight loss in just two months . My doctor advised multiple tests including abdominal sonography which showed multiple cancer lesions in my both lobes of Liver. After consulting with my oncologist he also ordered me to do bone scan which showed spread of cancer into my bones. I was shocked. I was in advanced stage of cancer. I had to start chemotherapy immediately. I had nausea, vomiting and general weakness during chemotherapy. When I did a PET scan after the chemotherapy it still showed the existence of the disease. We really did not know what to do now. That’s when we heard about Dr.Bendale and took his appointment.

    When we visited Rasayu Cancer Clinic the assistant doctor first took a detailed case study and explained to me how the Rasayana Therapy works and how it would help me. I started the treatment and got a lot of relief from my pain in the abdomen and my cough also reduced. My health score at the clinic also showed a lot of improvement.

    I would like to thank Dr. Bendale and his team for helping me to live a life which is pain free and not dependent on others. 

  • B R [ Reg No : 654656 ] [ In just 2 months of exclusive Rasayana treatment partial tumor regression seen in a chemo resistant tumor ]

    Mrs B R had extensive cough for 1-2 months  & further hemoptysis was observed. So she was advised a CT scan which revealed a cystic lesion at post mediastinal wall. It was surgically removed (Nov 15)

    Histopathology report confirmed the diagnosis as pulmonary myxoid sarcoma.

    Received 7# radiation to mediastinum.(Feb 16)


    A pet scan was advised as the symptoms were still there, which revealed low grade right pleural thickening & skull lesions, for which she received 3cycles of chemotherapy & 1# of radiation.

    Even after chemo & radiations  she had all symptoms like she had at the time of diagnosis .also patient had severe side effects of chemotherapy.


    To analyse the outcome of chemotherapy,PET Scan was advised which showed progression of disease& many new lesions were seen.

    Thus a case of chemo resistant tumor.

    She decided to go for Rasayana therapy at RASAYU CANCER CLINIC.

    Within few days of treatment she got symptomatic relief. 

    After 2 months of treatment her PET SCAN revealed regression in size & metabolic activity of lesions.


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