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Information about Endometrial Cancer


Endometrial cancer starts in the Endometrium, the inner lining of the Uterus (womb).  Most cases of Endometrial cancer are diagnosed in women aged 45-74. The number of new cases of Endometrial cancer was 25.1 per 100,000 women per year based on 2008-2012 cases. 


Endometrial cancer is almost always a disease of postmenopausal woman age ranges 55-70 years and is very rare under the age of 40.


In Endometrial cancer patients we advise surgery whenever possible. Post surgery our therapies have shown to be extremely efficacious in reducing the risk of relapse and also in improving patients quality of life. Endometrial cancer usually have metastasize to lungs and hence our therapies are also directed towards  protection of lungs and other vital organs


In advance cases Rasayana Therapy works on causing tumor regression, preventing disease progression, improving patients quality of life and increasing overall survival. Our patients treated with Rasyana Therapy not only survives longer but they also lead a good quality of life thereby living each day of their life to the fullest.


Vaginal Bleeding – Classically, Endometrial tumors present with post menopausal bleeding. Most common bleeding pattern in Uterine cancer as follows.


1. Bleeding after the menopause bleeding in between periods.

2 .Heavier periods than usual (if you haven’t been through menopause).

3. A watery or bloody vaginal discharge.

4. Pain in abdomen. 


* Obesity

* Low parity

* Late menopause

* Hypertension

* Diabetes


* High estrogen levels - PCOS and oestrogen producing tumors, where chronic anovulation with raised oestrogen production     causes endometrial abnormalities


* Tamoxifen- More recently, concern has been expressed about the Long term administration of Tamoxifen to Breast cancer suffers. There is evidence that it has oestrogen like activity at endometrial level and long term administration has been associated with endometrial abnormalities, including benign polyps, hyperplasia, and malignant tumors, including carcinosarcomata


Tests and procedures used to diagnose endometrial cancer are as follows


  • Pelvic examination. During a pelvic exam doctor may identify vaginal and cervix abnormalities through the speculum.


  • Transvaginal ultrasound This test helps doctor in detecting uterine lining abnormalities.


Hysteroscopy - With the help of this test doctor get clear picture of Uterus and the Endometrium.


Endometrial Biopsy - This involves removing tissue from uterine lining for laboratory analysis. It confirmed the diagnosis and type of cancer cell


Surgery to remove tissue for testing.  If the biopsy results are unclear, one need to undergo a procedure called dilation and curettage (D&C).



Treatment of Endometrial cancer will depend on the characteristics of cancer type, stage, age and general health


Surgery - Surgery to remove the uterus with or without fallopian tubes and ovaries is recommended for most women with Endometrial cancer.


Radiation- Radiation therapy uses powerful energy beams, such as X-rays, to kill cancer cells.


Radiation therapy can involve:


Radiation from a machine outside your body. Called external beam radiation therapy.


Radiation placed inside your body. Internal radiation (brachytherapy) involves placing a radiation-filled device, such as small seeds, wires or a cylinder, inside your vagina for a short period of time.


Hormone therapy- Hormone therapy involves taking medications that affect hormone levels in the body. It may involve Progesterone enhancer and estrogen reducer drugs.

Chemotherapy- Chemotherapy uses chemicals to kill cancer cells

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